Record Numbers Reading our Articles!!! Banning the Burns HS FFA Fair Booth Breaks Previous Record –Report by Robert A. Williams

I have never claimed to be an award winning journalist. I’m just an average person out to telling the truth about what goes on in Cleveland County Governmental affairs so voters can identify the problems and make correction on Election Day.

In this process our readers, not getting the truth elsewhere, have come to this website in droves, breaking record numbers with higher record numbers. Our First Record numbers came with the truth regarding the Burns middle School teacher that sent porno pics to a student. That was our first time topping the Shelby Star’s readership numbers. That record held until recently with first of the Cleveland Community College Scandal articles when we scored twice the readership of the Shelby Star.

That record was shattered again this past Friday when we scored three times the readership of the Shelby Star with our articles about the silly Cleveland County Board of Education, lead by Chairman Phillip “Bully” Glover, banning the Burns high School FFA Fair booth that correctly depicted “cotton” as a large part of the agricultural heritage of Cleveland County.

With our record readership has also come large increases in information coming in about all kinds of things. I predict our readership numbers will pass a number equal to four times the readership of the Shelby Star by the end of this month, Just in time for Election Day 2017. Folks, Remember two things:
1. If the Star was doing it’s job, I would not ever have to write another word.
2. It is now time for the voters in Cleveland County to do their part with the truths they have been provided. That part is, with your knowledge of the truth, to get out and vote on Election Day.

Stay tuned for more of the truth regarding the candidates in this 2017 Election Year.

Get out to vote and take someone with you. A car load would be nice.

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