Questions for Commissioner Chairman Eddie Holbrook!!! Incumbents Ronnie Whetstine and Doug Bridges too!! But, Who Should REALLY be doing the Asking??? Report by Robert A. Williams

This comment and questions for Eddie Holbrook deserves top billing. Eddie Holbrook, Ronnie Whetstine and Doug Bridges are incumbent Commissioners and should provide their answers to the public. They do have a voting record you know. And it is exactly the same.

Challenging candidates are also encouraged to respond to this question and provide information what they will do if elected.

Also, we are preparing our website to function as an online forum and candidate debate. All Candidates (Commissioners in this case are urged to respond. Citizens are allowed to ask questions and make responses. This is totally new to Cleveland County Politics. Candidates, decline to participate at your own risk!!! Citizens, pay attention to the responses and lack of responses too. We need to elect candidates that answer to the people. Who needs a Commissioner that won’t???

Also, Citizens, especially Shelby Star subscribers, Ask the Shelby Star why they don’t report on these questions, fact check and make full reports like we do? You are paying for news from the Star and you are not getting it. “It” being factual news and the truth.

Rev. Dante’ A. Murphy
September 19, 2018 at 10:38 pm

Will Eddie Holbrook please provide:

1) A response as to why he (Holbrook) never supported the Promise. Program that would have funded college tuition for all graduating seniors in Cleveland County,
(Editor’s Note: Gaston County heard about this program and adopted it. Also, Gaston County, Rutherford County and other counties around us already have an Advanced Manufacturing Academy and Cleveland County is still trying to figure out what to put in theirs, if and when it is built. Perhaps that is one reason Gaston County is years ahead of Cleveland County in manufacturing jobs.)

2) Why is (Holbrook) so against equally funding female sports and assuring female athletes equal opportunities to success, and
(Editor’s Note: Eddie Holbrook is also against equal funding between schools in Cleveland County. Shelby High School and Kings Mountain High School have swimming pools and auditoriums. Burns and Crest do not.)

3) A response to Eddie Holbrook’s role in punishing and obstructing all efforts to provide free tuition to all Cleveland County High School graduates because Willie Green “aligned with unsavory characters.” Note: I will make my resignation letter available.
(Editor’s Note. Rev. Murphy’s resignation letter from the Cleveland County Promise Program Board is included in the previous article titled “Commissioner “Eddie Holbrook was unable to overcome his Prejudices towards Blacks.”)

Through this website ( citizens have an opportunity unlike few counties in this nation to hold candidates accountable for the millions of dollars they control.

Voters think about:

1) How many 80+ year old (like Eddie Holbrook) wake up going to a job where you make over $125,000 per year,

2) How many of you have the luxury of placing your children and grandchildren in “gravy jobs” with little oversight,

3) How many of you have access to a rigged economic development system that directly and indirectly benefits your bank account, and

4) Are you (citizens of Cleveland County) so satisfied with one week per year of free ALWS tickets that you are willing to sacrifice your children and grandchildren’s future and destroy any chance that they will ever return to live in Cleveland County?

I anticipate that I will receive one inquiry as to why I continue to write about Cleveland County when I do not live in the county anymore. You will be provided with documentation in the future to answer that question.
(Editor’s Note: We suspect the “documentation” noted above will be in the form of a Federal Lawsuit. Federal Records show that Rev. Murphy has received a “Right to Sue” letter from the EEOC against Cleveland County and Eddie Holbrook. It is noted that Rev. Murphy has already won one Federal Lawsuit against a Cleveland County agency and forced them to admit wrongdoing under oath. With no wrongdoer being disciplined or punished by the Commissioners. It is very likely that Rev. Murphy will win this one too.)

This is an example of what citizens are saying and thinking. We allowed the word “crook” to be used in describing Eddie Holbrook because it is factually true. Crook means a person who violates the law. Mr. Holbrook is known for violating state election laws, Public Record laws, Open Meeting laws and perhaps others. If you add ethical violations, this article might be too long to read.

Bill Balmer
September 21, 2018 at 2:49 pm
I am middle aged white conservative male and also a Trumper. With that being said I vote for the person not the party. I will cast my vote for Willie Green and Chris Gash. Maybe they will stop crooks like Holbrook from robbing the taxpayers blind. And what about Tim Moore….Justin Brackett gets stomped in the election by Meredith Shuford but then gets a appointed to be a judge by Moore his buddy. Mark Hullander gets a big time judgeship in Charlotte for Workman’s comp but has never done a workman’s comp case (Buddy of Moore). Jason Falls (buddy and cousin) makes big money off the county dime and is not even degreed nor qualified to run the Legrand Center……..just my opinion but I am sick and tired of working my butt off to try and put groceries on the table when some just have it made due to who they know….the insanity has got to stop.Questions for Commissioner Chairman Eddie Holbrook!!!

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