Protesting Going on at Burns High School or thereabouts!! Over “Flag” Suspensions!! Report by Robert A. Williams

It’s 8:15 Monday Morning and cars and trucks have lined up at Lawndale ready to protest the suspensions of Burns students over a Flag that CCS says is “racial.” What happens next will be interesting.

The Flag of interest was first reported as the American Flag, later the Confederate Battle Flag and now a flag with a Bald Eagle showing its middle claw. Or all of the above. Word is students were told to remove whatever flags and those that refused were suspended for “insubordination.”

All this right in the middle of Early Voting in the 2018 Primary Election, especially the Democrat Primary.

And, the controversy about the song “Oh Susanna” at Washington Elementary School that has just came out. And Massa Eddie Holbrook playing the race card in the Democrat Primary in his very divisive campaign calling for white Democrats to single-shot vote for him as his claimed support by the black community turned out to be false.

All this mess, In my opinion is a planned scheme orchestrated by a professional political consultant on Holbrook’s payroll. And patterned just like the Phillip “Bully” Glover’s banning of the Burns High School FFA “Cotton” Fair Booth that CCS decided was “racial.”

All this racial stuff centering around Burns High School and the Upper end of Cleveland County whose voters are too stupid to turn out to vote anyway. And the same old crowd gets itself re-electted.

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