Poor (No) Leadership at Cleveland County Schools!!! Kids in Command–Walkout When They Want to ! Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Question: What is the difference between the Boy Scouts and Cleveland County Schools???

Answer: The Boy Scouts have adult leaders!!

Folks, Anybody that has watched a minute of TV news or read the Shelby Star news for the past year and a half years knows that their incessant and never ending stream of fake news serves only one purpose. To run down President Donald Trump in particular and Conservatives and Republicans in general. In the well publicized Pennsylvania 18th District vote yesterday, the Democrat candidate was running on a Republican platform to fool low information voters. If that crook wins, he will do exactly what Nancy Pelosi tells him the second he gets to Washington, DC and sworn in. Now, more local, they are zeroing in on Tim Moore and Kelly Hastings. It’s the same MO all across the country. Feed the people with fake news about gun control, tax cuts only for the rich, health care, tariffs, illegal immigrants, baby killing (abortion), public education and about everything else in between.

Now the Purple Gang (Red turning to Blue) is out to use and abuse our children for political purposes. Obviously for the purpose of using the children as conduits for their propaganda so the kids go home from school telling their low information parents they need to get out to vote and who to vote for–Democrats. It has already happened right here in Cleveland county. Last year in the 2017 School Board election. Trusted sources have reported that CCS Superintendent Stephen Fisher toured around CCS school classrooms, with candidate Phillip “Bully” Glover in tow, telling kids they should go home and tell their parents to vote for Glover for the School Board. Tim Moore’s Democrat opponent, David Brinkley, also appears to be pushing that kind of agenda. He’s pumping his “Team Purple” sycophant groupies (including Bully Glover, David and Sally Royster, Kathy Falls, Shearra Miller and others) that he is going to push for more pay raises for teachers and law enforcement. Teachers and Law Enforcement only to hear him talk. No mention of doing anything for people like me and you who worked for everything we have and want to keep taxes low by improving governmental efficiency and performance, cutting wasteful spending and being transparent about what they do and how the are doing it.

And now they (Democrats), at a national level, have our kids walking out of class in protest, under the guise of having a memorial for the 17 students that were recently shot and killed at a school in Florida. They want gun control and more laws when the laws that we already have were not followed. They want all of us to forget that local authorities in Florida were warned in advance about 30 times before the shooting. On top of that the FBI was warned too and did nothing.

Anyway, the news in Cleveland County yesterday was that students walked out of their classrooms in protest from Crest high School, Burns high School, Kings Mountain High School and Kings Mountain Middle School. And don’t forget, Shelby High School had their walkout-protest about two weeks ago. Many parents are hopping mad at CCS for allowing this to happen. As far as CCS goes, they encouraged the students to do their walkout protest.

As far as the School Board, Not a peep in the School Board meeting this past Monday. The School Board didn’t want to hear a word about it either as it totally violated two School Board Policies. The policies they are approving all the while that Board Member Danny Blanton is telling them “I want you to remember that you have to enforce these policies that you are voting for.”

For instance: School Board Policy 4220 states,
“B” Level Offenses
Expectation 15 – Boycott/Protest

Cleveland County Schools believes that all students should participate in the educational environment and activities set forth by the Board of Education and each individual school. Students should embrace the opportunities for enrichment, experiences, and knowledge.
Students will not be permitted to boycott or walk out of any lawful school function in which attendance is required. Furthermore, students shall not engage in any protest, march, picket, or sit-in designed to disrupt the school environment or cause a disruption of any school activity whether on or off any school campus.
1st offense – Up to ten days out of school suspension.
2nd offense – Ten days out of school suspension and possible recommendation for long term suspension.

Also School Board Policy 1510/4200/7270 on School Safety States:
“Safe schools are critical to creating a learning environment in which students can succeed. Staff and students share the responsibility for taking reasonable precautions and following established safety measures to create and maintain safe schools. The following safety measures must be implemented at each school.


Students must be reasonably supervised while in the care and custody of the school system. This supervision must occur throughout school hours, including during class, between classes, on the playground, and during recess or lunch periods; during authorized school field trips; and on school buses. Reasonable precautions should be taken to protect the safety of students on school grounds and on buses before, during, and after school.

Students who are subject to Board policy on Student Sex Offenders, and are receiving educational services on school property must be supervised by school personnel at all times.”

Editor’s Note: The last part regarding Student Sex Offenders receiving instruction on school property is weird and raises additional questions about the sanity of the CCS Board and Administration. I wonder just how many student sex offenders there are in CCS schools and whether or not CCS is actually enforcing and providing the required supervision. That is a subject for another day. It is a proven fact that a registered sex offender was allowed to attend a function at Burns High School and was NOT supervised.

So, there you have it. Students at multiple schools, supposedly under adult supervision, walked out of their classrooms in protest today and two weeks ago. Totally in disregard to school policies. Note that the first offense penalty is 10 days suspension.

Therefore, every student that walked out of their classes should immediately be suspended. There is a picture in the Shelby Star showing many of them at one school. These protesting students can be readily identified.

It is no wonder that Cleveland County Schools turn out 46% of graduating students who cannot read and write proficiently. Neither can the School Board and CCS administration read and comprehend their own policies. Cleveland County Schools are not the place for students to walkout, boycott or protest for political purposes. The CCS Board and administration have the legal responsibility to make and enforce their own rules. For everybody at all times. Yet, they have failed miserably. Again and again.

On top of that, My understanding is the National Rifle Association, every parent and every student has every right to sponsor counter protests to these protests. CCS has exhibited an extremely high level of stupidity at every level for not enforcing their own rules. It is also my understanding that such counter protests are already being planned for Cleveland County Schools.

Folks, while you are trying to comprehend all this, try to remember the controversy over the “Cotton Display” at last year’s Fair. Bully Glover and Company at CCS did not forget these rules then. I’ve been around long enough to remember how things work when Democrats are in control. The do what they want to who they want. Democrats still control CCS and that is still just how it is. Especially for those who live in the Upper end of Cleveland Count. But hey, we put up with it, mostly without complaint, and we never get up enough gumption to throw the in-crowd out. We get what we deserve.

PS: For total proof of the truth about yesterdays protest, take a gander at an email forwarded to me from the Democrat National Committee Headquarters. Gun Control and getting rid of Republicans is spelled out loud and clear by the National Democrats as their goal. With no remorse about using children to get what they want.

Email text from Yasmine Taeb, DNC Member:

Today at 10 a.m. students across the nation walked out of their classrooms for 17 minutes. They did it in remembrance of the 17 innocent lives that we lost at Stoneman Douglas and to call for gun legislation that will make us all safer.

As a high school student, I once walked the halls and sat in the classrooms at Stoneman Douglas. Aaron Feis, the assistant football coach who was killed while protecting students, was a friend of mine. He died the same way he lived — a selfless hero. He used his body as a shield and threw himself in front of students as bullets hailed down.

With today’s walkout, we not only honor those who were lost — we also come together with new resolve to end these tragedies once and for all.

I will not allow my high school to simply become another statistic, and Stoneman Douglas students are leading the fight to ensure that it does not.

Today I hope you will stand with them. Add your name to demand Congress pass common-sense gun legislation to keep us all safe from gun violence.


Too many politicians act as if these shootings are just a fact of everyday life — as if there’s nothing we could have done to stop the massacre at my high school and nothing we can do to prevent the next one.

We must not accept that we are too powerless to make progress, or that the NRA is too powerful to defeat.

The courage of students across the country who took action during the walkout today will outlast the cruel indifference of the NRA. It will outlast the cowardice of Republican congressional leaders who refuse to bring any meaningful legislation to the floor.

Whether or not you have a personal connection to Stoneman Douglas, it’s clear that we have failed our students, our teachers, and our country. We cannot let another massacre like this happen, Susanna — and right now it’s up to us to demand change.

Stand in solidarity with students across the country today by adding your name to demand Congress pass legislation to keep us safe from gun violence.

Thanks for taking a stand against gun violence.


Yasmine Taeb
Stoneman Douglas Alumna
DNC Member

P.S. — Last week Florida’s GOP-controlled state legislature and governor signed new gun restrictions into law. But they also provided funding to help train and arm school staff members. The only way to actually make us safer from gun violence is by voting Republicans out, and in the meantime we have to put pressure on our elected representatives. Add your name to demand Congress take action on gun violence.

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  1. March 15, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    Activism is a great tool for bringing about social change and maximizing the outcomes and benefits of conflict. The debate spurred as a result of the Parkland shootings is valid and warrants the highest degree of activism. However, the thought of minor children engaging in civil disobedience should be both frowned upon and prohibited by sound thinking adults. At the least, parental consent should have been given by parents prior to any child under the age 18 being allowed to just walk out of class. Another option would have been to make the “walkout” a school-sponsored event. It is my guess neither of these requirements were employed. In the “old days” children were prohibited from getting into “grown folks” business and parents were the protectors and advocates for their children. Politics on both sides have become a dirty game. Stooping to the point of using children as pawns in politics equals that of a vindictive parent who uses a child to hurt or get back at the other spouse.

    I am also confused as to why we are hell-bent on gun control as opposed to people control. We should take lessons from the old “Lean On Me” movie that depicted a New Jersey principle, Joe Clark, who used “extreme” measures to keep drugs and drug dealers out of the school. We have implemented measures to protect our courthouses, military bases, and prisons, but fail to implement similar measures to protect our children.

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