Political Racism Against Black Families Going on Trial Monday!!! May 21, 2018 at 10AM Report by Robert A. Williams

If you are interested in seeing Cleveland County justice in action, show up down at the Cleveland County Courthouse on Monday 10AM May 21, 2018. An autistic young black man’s sanity is on trial, a jury trial, following one (of many) of the most egregious abuses of a person’s Constitutional Rights in the history of the United States. The man’s mother calls this “Political racism targeting Black Families in Cleveland County.” You will too after you read this article.

This episode begins with the howling winds and raging floodwaters caused by Hurricane Matthew when it hit Fayetteville, North Carolina in early October 2016. Major flooding had occurred up and down Matthew’s path and people were being evacuated to shelters on higher grounds by the tens of thousands. A young autistic black man and his caretaker mother who had lost everything they had were caught up in the rescue evacuations and were unlucky enough to be placed in an evacuation van whose destination was Shelby, NC. To the Abuse Prevention Counsel’s $million dollar women’s shelter and the not so welcoming arms of the Cleveland County Department of Social Services.

The autistic young black man quickly became the target for DSS enforcement actions. His crime was his disability check that DSS wanted. His already established disability, autism, and the color of his skin and the family’s “poverty” status offered DSS the prime opportunity to scam the Government (Federal, State and local) with ease. They wasted very little time doing so.

Although the young man’s mother soon found herself enough of a job to get away from the APC’s shelter and into a home, with the good hearted assistance of Mr. Wayne Allen, DSS launched their attack.

DSS attacked the family with their harassing demands and quickly learned the mother was not interested in a whole lot of assistance, just a little. Just enough to help get herself situated sufficient to look after herself and her son. That did not suit DSS.

DSS made more and more demands that the young man receive services that his mother knew he did not need. So, DSS decides to separate the autistic young from his mother. With the help of some folks down at the courthouse, especially a big supporter of Commissioner Massa Eddie Holbrook, declared the mildly autistic young man (22 years old) “incompetent” and took custody away from the mother and gave custody to DSS. Such a declaration totally voided the Constitutional rights of the young man, mildly autistic but otherwise of sound mind, as well as the mother. On September 23, 2017 the young man was forcibly removed against his will from his mother’s arms and care and taken to high dollar “retirement facility” all alone and scared.

Well folks, the autistic young black man’s mother has challenged the DSS and Massa Eddie’s so-called “incompetency” (a total miscarriage of justice) and called for a jury trial as the law allows, but very few know about. That is what is going to happen Monday, May 21, 2018 at 10 AM in Superior Court.

Folks, if you are for law and order; if you want right to triumph over wrong, the mother and others have requested concerned citizens to show up for this hearing as a sign of support for justice in this matter. “Free James George” is her battle cry.

Come early (before 10am) Monday down at the Courthouse. James George is the young man’s name. Stop by the Clerk of Court’s office and ask what courtroom this trial will be held in. Show your support for justice by being there. Pay attention to see if Massa Eddie Holbrook or any other of the Commissioners running for election are present. Remember that the Commissioners have been allowed by the North Carolina General Assembly to take control over the DSS, but the Cleveland County Commissioners, lead by Mass Eddie, have refused to provide the leadership required in this matter.

See ya at the Courthouse.

One word of caution. Do not talk to a jury member. If you see a person with an orange or red JURY sticker, just smile. If you are a jury member reading this article, just do the right thing. Otherwise DSS’s lawyers may try to disqualify you.

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