Pcard Investigation Needed at Cleveland Community College!!?? Tip Forwarded by Robert A. Williams

The following emailed “TIP” regarding the all too often fraud and misuse of Pcards and fraudulently purchasing or removing assets was received a few days ago but was temporarily overlooked.

This is deja vu all over again as I am sure all of Cleveland County remembers the massive fraud at Cleveland County Schools regarding the misuse and abuse of Pcards there. The massive fraud that got covered up by both the CCS Board and the District Attorney’s Office. This time we should be a little smarter and not let the CCC Board of Trustees do the same “obstruction of justice” as the CCS School Board did.

This time we will demand that an independent auditor working under the direction of a Law Enforcement agency do the audit/ investigation instead of working for the Board of Trustees who, like the CCS Board, may themselves have something to hide. Like their own lack of oversight and a clear mission to drain the swamp for starters. Like they are covering up CCC wrongdoing by withholding the “Caylor Report” because their lawyer advised them to do so because it revealed damaging facts against CCC and the BoTs that they do not want the Plaintiff’s in several legal actions as well as citizens to know about.

I am sending this article and included allegations to Sheriff Alan Norman (who is a CCC
Board of Trustee member and possibly in a conflict himself), Shelby Police Chief Jeff Ledford, Cleveland County District Attorney Mike Miller, the North Carolina State Auditor Beth Wood and the North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein as well as the North Carolina Speaker of the House Tim Moore demanding a thorough investigation and a vigorous prosecution of any wrongdoing found. I don’t know about the rest of Cleveland County, but I am sick and tired of all the scams and cover-ups going on in Cleveland County right under everybody’s noses.

Also, if anybody has additional information regarding this or other acts of wrongdoing at Cleveland Community Collegte, Cleveland County Schools, Commissioners, the Shooting Range or anything else related to Cleveland County Government, Please let me know. I will protect your identity. But all this mess has to stop sometime and somewhere.

The following TIP is exactly as I received it except I changed the name of the sender to protect my source, which was NOT anonymous!!!

Pcard Investigation Needed at Cleveland Community College

From: Agood Citizen (Not the real name)

To: Robert A. Williams

Oh the misuse of Pcards at CCC. Auditor investigation needed on the use of funds.

Tax payers would be angry at the wasteful spending ,misuse of Pcards and discarding of equipment and furniture..

Perfectly good shelving, tables, furniture, and equipment are sold for nothing on gov.deals. B. McKibbin was the main instigation of this since she was Dean of Learning Resources which purchases all equipment and furniture. She and her croonie Shannon Kennedy almost single handedly led the wasteful mess at CCC.

Also some investigation at the wasteful spending on conferences – how many conferences do Deans, VP’s, and Directors need to attend in one calendar year.

No money available for anything at CCC – where did it go????

Audit immediately needed. New president needs to strip the ship and start anew.

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