Part XVI: Former Chairman CCC Board of Trustees Speaks Out !! –Ellis Monroe Attributes Board Cover-ups and More Cover-ups as Reason for him Resigning from the Board!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Folks, this is the sixteenth article I have written regarding the rotten mess at Cleveland Community College. The mess involves issues going back ten years as well as a year ago when “stuff” started to come out little by little. During all this the CCC Board of Trustees have been in denial and then gridlock. To this very day absolutely NOTHING has been done to resolve any of the problem issues.

President Steve Thornburg is still there amidst his password sex scandal. Executive Vice President Shannon Kennedy is still there despite all her alleged retaliatory back door firings and various manipulations. HR violations are alleged. Alleged educational course content has been dumbed down. Financial accounting is suspect. Salaries are way too much top-heavy. Nepotism is obvious. Laws and policy violations are alleged. Major Donors have been disrespected and want their names off the buildings. And it goes on and on. And the Board of Trustees remain deadlocked and appear to be determined to stay that way.

And then there is the State. The State bureaucracy in charge of Community Colleges are asleep at the wheel. Same with the Cleveland County Commissioners. Of course gridlock at CCC keeps Commissioner Chairman Eddie Holbrook in his high paying job at CCC. His wife too. Millie Holbrook’s job as Director of the LeGrand Center appears to be more of a County position. But, having her paid through the CCC payroll smells like criminal nepotism to me.

Anyway, I have attached Former CCC Board of Trustees Chairman Ellis Monroe’s letter to the Trustee Board describing why he resigned. This is a public record and any citizen that asks for it should be able to receive a copy, just in case you might think I have just conjured up this document. There are some who might tell you that. Also note that Mr. Monroe did not use the actual words “Cover-up.” Those are my words to fit what he described. Mr. Monroe is more “genteel” than I am. But after 16 articles and probably 16 more to come before anything gets done, I am only interested in telling it like it is in as few words as possible.

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