Part XVI: Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees –June 9, 2017 Meeting Report– –July 11, 2017 Meeting Agenda– Board Attorney to Attend Closed Session-Most likely to Discuss Thornburg’s threatened Lawsuit!!! —-Report by Robert A. Williams

“Perhaps it is time to just pull the plug on Cleveland Community College and Cleveland County students go to Gaston College, Isothermal or Catawba Valley Tech in Hickory.”…Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note No 1.: The minutes of this June 9, 2017 CCC Board of Trustees Meeting has not been “officially” posted yet. This is an old trick to delay the public from knowing what transpired in the meeting for at least a month, usually two months, under the guise of not putting out the minutes until they are approved by the Board. I often wait on reporting what happened in the various Board meetings taken from my own notes in order to “catch” the Board if they try to change the minutes to cover-up what really happened. Both the Commissioners and the School Board often do this, especially if someone speaks up in the Public Participation part of the Agenda with a complaint. The minutes, an official record, often leaves off much of what the speaker has to say. During this first CCC Board of Trustees Meeting that allowed citizens to speak, three people spoke up during the Public Participation and I want to see if the CCC Board Meeting minutes have left anything out regarding what these citizens had to say. This article will generally describe this June 9, 2017 CCC Board meeting, the first that I have attended, and note the general actions that transpired. Another article, when the minutes are approved and posted, will be forthcoming.

Editor’s Note No 2.: While writing this article a colleague discovered while “searching” the Community College website records and found , in a secret file of draft public records, the draft minutes of the June 9, 2017 Board of Trustees meeting as well as a draft agenda of the July 11, 2017 Trustees meeting. I suppose some would accuse us of “hacking” the CCC Computer system and “interfering” and “meddling” with the CCC administration. I say we discovered an illegal secret hiding place of CCC public records and are publishing the truth to citizens and taxpayers. I say we found a public document that should have been properly addressed in the first place.

Editor’s Note No 3: The draft minutes actually are pretty accurate, although some of former CCC Board member Patsy Rose’s statements are wrong. Especially the so called “historical note” the CCC Board is putting out about Patsy Rose’s service on the CCC Board of Trustees. This Historical Note, obviously intended to case a doubt on Mrs. Rose’s service, did not include the fact that Mrs. Rose had resigned with two years left on her last term on the CCC Board. Also, if you go back to one of my previous article, I included the exact text of Mrs. Rose’s prepared document, all of which was not read because her time was out.

Editor’s Note No 5,: CCC “surrogates” are spreading false statements around
Cleveland County and elsewhere that the donors to CCC are not ashamed of the mess at CCC and do not want their names taken off any buildings and I am making that all up. Read for yourself Mrs. Rose’s prepared statement AND included in the draft minutes that I will attach at the end of this article, which clearly shows that Mrs. Rose has publicly stated and officially noted in public records that, due to the mess at CCC, she would like to have her name removed from the building at CCC. Folks, read this for yourself. Do not believe ANYBODY that defends ANYTHING that has gone wrong at CCC. The actions by high level CCC administration that have been discovered to be unethical, immoral, probably illegal and just plain wrong dictate that some heads need to roll. And roll soon. Read on.

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