Part XV: Cleveland Community College Salaries Top Heavy!!!– By a Wide Margin!!! –Report and Math by Robert A. Williams

Folks, from reports I am getting the Public Record I asked for and published regarding salaries at CCC has caused an uproar. And for good reason. I did a little mathematical evaluation of the list of salaries that shows the salaries are extremely top heavy. Some of this stuff is technical, so pay attention.

The total annual salaries paid out by CCC as shown on this list is $8,650,080.40.
The top 10 salaries total to $1,077,997.25. If you add the controversial salaries in the top ten, President Steve Thornburg, Executive Vice President Shannon Kennedy, Dean Eddie Holbrook and LeGrand Center Director Millie Holbrook’s salaries the total is $540,841.25.
The bottom 10 salaries totals to $296, 856.00.

Now, some more complex evaluations:

In a balanced organization salary structure the average salary should fall exactly between the top salary and the bottom salary. In statistical terms, that midpoint is called the “Median” salary. Where there are exactly as many in the top half of the list as on the bottom half. If the “Average Salary” (all salaries added together and divided by the number of people on the list of salaries) is higher than the median salary, the salaries are top heavy. If the Average Salary is below the median salary, the salaries are bottom heavy. If the Average Salary is equal to the median salary, the salaries are balanced and reasonable. In this case:

The Average Salary is $51,183.93
The Median Salary is $47,567.75

1. The top 10 salaries are TOO HIGH
2. CCC Salaries are TOP HEAVY.

Also, Look at the top 10 and bottom 10 list.

60% of the Top 10 salaries MEN !!
60% of the Bottom 10 salaries are WOMEN !!!
(Depending on the family situation of the Bottom 10 workers, they may be eligible for Food Stamps.)

Another report I have received is the Number 9 salary person is a big buddy of Shannon Kennedy. The official job title is Dean of Learning Resources. The actual job, as reported to me, is Librarian More indications that Thornburg and Kennedy need to be dismissed immediately. More reason to overhaul the whole pay system at CCC to reward honest, ethical and high performance workers and get rid of or retrain the suck-ups. More shenanigans for the Board of Trustees to figure out and resolve.

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