Part XIII: Cleveland Community College–Personnel Salaries —Report by Robert A. Williams

Several folks have asked me how to get the salaries of Cleveland Community College full time employees? You gotta ask for it in no uncertain terms. I filed a request to CCC under the Freedom of Information Act s well as North Carolina Public Records laws. I got a response in record time.

I modified the list somewhat to show the salaries from the top to the bottom for your convenience and information.

What I find interesting is the difference in salary between the top salary, President Steve Thornburg, and the number two salary of Shannon Kennedy. Third top salary is Eddie Holbrook. Eddie’s wife Millie Holbrook is number ten on this list. Between Eddie and Millie Holbrook, they knock down $199,540.00.

Also Eddie Holbrook’s title is Senior Dean of Development and Governmental Relations. My next request for information may be to ask for a job description for this title.

Folks, here is the public record you wanted to see. Do not be afraid to ask CCC for public records. They belong to you and NC law says you can see them if you ask.

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