Part XI: The Plot Sickens with CCC Scandals. Thornburg to use Shelby Star Report as Basis for Lawsuit against Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees!!! Stupid Board’s Delay in Firing Thornburg for Cause Backfires on Board!!! Information relayed to public by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note Folks, you gotta read the following email I just received from a trusted confidential source. The email is hot off the press and has not been altered or revised one bit. Also, scroll on back and read the several articles written about the ineffective CCC Board of Trustees. The Board’s stupidity and delays as well as an article in the Shelby Star have allowed CCC President Dr. L. Steve Thornburg enough wiggle room to hire a lawyer and threaten the Board, CCC and of course the taxpayers with a lawsuit. Also, stay tuned for my article about the June 6, 2017 CCC Board of Trustees meeting with ALL the juicy details. FYI: Greg Melton is the Acting Chairman of the CCC Board of Trustees.

From: “Greg Melton”

Date: June 8, 2017 at 1:11:02 PM EDT

To: “‘Alan Norman'” , “‘Bill J. Turpish'” , “‘Chris Turner'” , “‘Gordon G. Hamrick'” , “‘Greg Melton'” , “‘H. Allen Langley'” , “‘H. Allen Langley'” , “‘Jason Falls'” , “‘June Yarboro'” , “‘Larry Hamrick, Jr.'” , “‘Rev. Lamont Littlejohn'” , “‘Wayne King'” , “‘Wes Westmoreland'”

Subject: FW: Term of Dr. Thornburg

Fellow Board Members,

Below is an email I received from board atourney, Ralph Meekins. He called me this morning after being contacted by Dr. Thornburg’s atourney, Bob Yelton. If we have a called meeting before July 11th , I plan to have Mr. Meekins on the agenda to discuss some of his concerns with the board. Pending the schedule of the special committee and their report to the board, we would need to have the meeting one of the following dates for Mr. Meekins to be in attendance:

June 19-21st
June 26-30th

Alan Langley, please let me know if any of these dates will work with the special committee’s schedule. If it is too soon to know, I understand and will wait to schedule the meeting when you have a definite day in mind.

Thank you,

Greg Melton

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