Part VI: Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees– Lack of Leadership Amidst Multiple Scandals!!! —Report by Robert A. Williams

The myriad of scandals and allegations of unethical, illegal and egregious behavior of top administrators and the Board of Trustees at Cleveland Community College, the Cleveland County Board of Education and the Cleveland County Commissioners has set Cleveland County ablaze with disgusted discussion. The Shelby Star has weighed in with their anticipated cover-up article. But other information is coming to me and other media sources are speaking out about with their own investigations and conclusions in these matters. We have previously reported the findings of the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal as well as the Rutherford County Media Outlet. There is more.

The following article entitled Time for Community College to Come Clean was published by the Palmetto News-Opinion. I have acquired permission to reprint the article here in this article. I believe those that are interested in cleaning up the sex scandals and other messes at CCC, the School Board and Commissioners should also read this article to gain a fair and balanced knowledge of what is being whispered about all over Cleveland County, Rutherford County, Raleigh, and now, South Carolina.

Click here to read the full article.

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