Part V: Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees Call Special Meeting Over Tsunami of Scandals!!! Shelby Star trying to Cover Up??? Report and Analysis by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: This is the fifth article in a my series of articles regarding an explosion of scandals that has Cleveland County citizens ablaze regarding what seems to be, and is, a tsunami of record proportions that is starting to crash ashore at Cleveland Community College, the Cleveland County Board of Education and the Cleveland County Commissioners.

I usually begin my articles by beginning at the beginning. This time I suggest you go back and read the previous articles again to keep track of how your leadership in the above noted agencies continue letting you down by not taking corrective and disciplinary action when such actions were due. Now, heads will have to roll. Cover-up is not an option.

I also suggest you read the Shelby Star article of May 20, 2017 entitled Debate about dual enrollment that is the major thrust of the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees as well as the Commissioner’s and Cleveland County Board of Education’s attempt to manipulate the issue and provide a cover-up for the alleged scandals, corruption, fraud, illicit sexual conduct, etc. at the highest levels that has been discovered and reported.

Now for some facts:

The Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees Chairman, Ellis Monroe, has resigned from that Board in disgust because other Trustees have not cooperated in taking actions necessary to correct the problems. Those problems being allegations of:

  • illicit sexual references and relations between CCC President Dr. Steve Thornburg and Executive Vice President Dr. Shannon Kennedy and perhaps others,
  • retaliation against Professor Ginger Bullock and others who are reluctant to participate in unethical and perhaps illegal activity by the CCC Board and high level administration,
  • dumbing down educational content for the dual enrollment students,
    enrolling unqualified students into the dumbed down courses to drive up the number of students in the programs. CCC allegedly gets up to 30% of their funding from these phony programs.
  • allegedly misappropriating funding from grants for specific purposes by using that funding for unauthorized purposes,
  • obvious collusion and conspiracy with the Cleveland County Board of Education to allow, tolerate and condone the noted activity.
  • The Shelby Star article noted above has obviously left out most of the information and issues. Compare the Star article with my articles which included and was based on documentation from third party totally independent sources.

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