Part IX: More Scandals at Cleveland Community College!!!– Non Existent Office of Executive Vice President??? Dr. Shannon Kennedy??? –Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Much ado has been made about the alleged shenanigans of the Cleveland Community College President Dr. L. Steve Thornburg. His lack of judgment in his college computer system password “fuckshannon69” and various variations such as “fuckedshannon69” and his long parking sessions sessions with Dr. Kennedy in the college front parking lot with all those office windows overlooking the College Number 1 and Number 2 persons and their obvious displays of “something is going on here.” But factually, there are so many scandals going on at the Cleveland Community College right now that we are going to address them one at a time.

Although starting with the college Board of Trustees doing nothing for so long in regard to President Thornburg and Dr. Kennedy is scandal all by itself. We are going to go on back to the beginning.

Let’s draw some ground rules before we get started with the details and allegations involved in this article. This article is not a criminal prosecution, punishable with fines, jail or prison time, such that the accused has Constitutional Rights such as the Fifth Amendment where the accused has the right to remain silent. Everybody mentioned in this article, either by name or position, is a public figure who is expected to act in an honest and ethical manner as well as within the law by virtue of their position of operating or overseeing the Cleveland Community College-a public institution supported by taxpayer funding. Public figures such as the Staff and Board of Trustees at the Cleveland Community College have an obligation to be accountable to the people and to the taxpayers. We will assure, no, we guarantee, that every person involved in this article has the opportunity to respond in writing to anything in this article and such response will be published in the same manner in which this article is published. We will assume, that pending a verifiable and written denial that anything in this article is materially incorrect, that everything in this article is indeed correct. Anybody that remains silent is silent at their own risk.

Any others with knowledge and information of the details regarding this article may also provide their information. Total confidentiality will be maintained as requested.

CCC President:
Dr. Thornburg has been the President of the Community College for many years, starting back in the Cleveland Tech days. Lots of expansions and lots of money spent over the years. The Board of Trustees over all these years were mostly rubber stamps who attended Board meetings, listened to only one side, allowed no public input and voted yes to everything that came down the pike. Most Boards in Cleveland County do the same thing and most of the other boards have the same problems that CCC has now, just not as well publicized. We will get into those other boards later, but right now we are only going to deal with the Cleveland Community College and their Board of Trustees. At present CCC President Thornburg has presented his resignation in the form of a notice to retire. The Board of Trustees, at their discretion, could and perhaps should terminate Thornburg effectively immediately.

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