Part III Updated Report: Alleged Preferential Treatment in Exchange for Sexual Favors!! Sheriff’s Depart Female Officer To Report for Work Monday!! After being Arrested and Charged by Shelby PD for Speeding 66 in 45 Zone, Driving While Impaired-Alcohol level 0.10, Fictitious Tag!! Magistrate allowed Officer to sign own Bond for immediate release from Jail!! Report and Arguendo by Robert A. Williams

This report is short and simple.

The female Sheriff’s Department employee described previously in Part I and II of this article was recently reported to have previously worked for the Polk County Sheriff’s Department where she allegedly engaged in the same kind of “sex-capades” as previously described and Polk County fired her. Only to have Cleveland County hire her. Go back and read those articles again.

The female officer was allegedly supposed to return to work at the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department today, December 2, 2019.

Since I do not have any answers as to why the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff Alan Norman are allowing such as this to happen, call Sheriff Alan Norman at 704-484-4888 or County Manager Brian Epley at 704-484-4800 and ask them for the specific details. If you don’t get any answers or returned phone calls, let me know. Note that I do NOT identify my sources.

Stay tuned. I expect more is to come regarding this happening.

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