Part III of Cleveland Community College, CCS, Commissioners, etc. Scandals —Cleveland County’s bad news going around the World!!!! —Report and Explanation by Robert A. Williams

The news about the alleged sex scandals, fraud, connivance, conspiracies, waste, fraud, mismanagement, lying, cheating, crooked dealings and more going on at the Cleveland Community College, Cleveland County Schools, the Commissioner’s Board, DA’s Office and more has just exploded in Raleigh, here in Cleveland County and now a group in Rutherford County called RC Catalyst has picked up on the story this very day.

We will not comment on the RC Catalyst article entitled The “dirty business” of dual enrollment, we will do even better. That article is provided below for your convenience. We urge you to read the article. See for yourself the “dirty business” that is going on in Cleveland County that everybody is talking about. As well as driving our number of readers to record highs. Hopefully this news will drive you to the ballot box on Election Day 2017. Stay Tuned!

You can read the article here at RD Catalyst.

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