Part III: Cleveland County EMS Leadership– A Broken System headed by a Broken set of County Commissioners!!! Another Lawsuits Discovered!! County Manager and Commissioners “eat up” with legal issues!! Reports forwarded by Robert A. Williams by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: A source called me this morning with continuing concerns regarding the ongoing, tragic and unnecessary scandals involving the Cleveland County Emergency Medical System. The source provided additional confirmation that my reports of corruption and incompetent leadership was essentially correct but not all encompassing. But the main concern was that people might think the working level folks at EMS were uncaring and hardened. Which was not the case. That EMS workers do care about their patients and do what is right for the patient above anything and everything else. I apologize for any conclusion that my reports were negative for any EMS personnel that actually has contacts with the care of the citizens in Cleveland County.

Please note that everything I have reported is made to bring to light the problems with the EMS leadership. All the way up to the County Commissioners. Including the additional reports contained in this article. I am totally in support of those EMS workers who go to work everyday with a caring and helpful attitude only to be beat down by injustices, favoritism, corruption, retaliation, threats and cover-up.

This morning I received information that:

An additional lawsuit is pending regarding County employees and Cleveland County. It is a Class Action lawsuit against the County brought by EMS workers who have been cheated out of their rightfully and legally due pay. It seems that Cleveland County cheats their employees out of their pay while awarding incompetent leadership big salaries and perks galore.

That the out of county EMS Director was scandalously involved with a County Commissioner’s daughter.

That there were investigational hearings going on yesterday and today regarding the CC EMS.

That the County paid big bucks for a consulting firm to analyze the EMS Director’s job and the competency of the job applicants. That the position was then awarded to Tommy McNeilly, but a quick “switcheroo” resulted in the job being awarded to the present EMS Director. And McNeilly running for County Commissioner-with the support of the Citizens of Cleveland County. Although my source indicated that she “would rather have ‘Mac’ as the EMS Director rather than a Commissioner. Our recommendations for Tommy McNeilly for Commissioner will be included in another article.

I also learned that former Commissioner Jason “Loser” Falls was once notified of problems at EMS, but immediately reported the “whistleblower,” which resulted in retaliation to the whistleblower. Just another reason county employees are afraid to speak up.

And, the Tattoo Policy. EMS somehow has this silly Tattoo policy that an employee must not have any visible tattoos. The source recounted an incident where a dedicated female EMS employee was fired for having an EMS logo tattooed on the back of her neck. My thought was if I needed EMS services, the last thing I would worry about was a person giving me aid having an EMS tattoo on the back of her neck.

Also, the new “Social Media Policy that the Commissioners are set to approve tonight. My source indicated that several EMS workers have already been disciplined for making Facebook posts that the powers to be didn’t like. Another example of such tactics involved loser Commissioner Jason Falls and former Coroner Robbie Morgan. Morgan’s wife made a comment on “Loser” Falls’ wife’s Facebook page saying that she hoped the Falls’s enjoyed their taxpayer junket to Washington DC at taxpayer expense. This PO’d Mrs. Falls who complained to Mr. Loser. So, Mr. Loser goes to his cousin Tim Moore and another Loser, Eddie Holbrook, and they abolish the office of Coroner. Now, former Coroner Robbie Morgan is running for the Commissioners and is expected to win by a large margin.

So, what have we learned so far? Answer, our leadership at EMS and the Commissioners are corrupt and need to go. That means we have to Vote for Robbie Morgan, Tommy McNeilly and Dennis Davis in the Republican Primary Election for Cleveland County Commissioners. The 2020 Elections can get rid of the source of most of our problems here in Cleveland County. All we have to do is do it on election day.

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  1. Robert A Williams
    February 5, 2020 at 10:58 pm

    In the article above, I stated that the EMS Director”s job was “awarded” to Tommy McNeilly but was then given a “switcheroo” and awarded to the Present Director,

    That is not exactly correct. My source told me that Tommy McNeilly was the leading candidate for the EMS Director’s job during all the formal HR processing, but then the “switcheroo” and all the high dollar professional HR consulting was discarded and the job was then awarded to the present director.

    I am sorry for any misunderstanding in this regard. It was my fault as I did not use the proper wording to adequately describe what was accurately described to me by my source.

    Also note that I am recommending Mr. Tommy McNeilly for the elected office of Cleveland County Commissioner in the upcoming 2020 Republican Primary Election.

    All Republicans, Please go vote in the 2020 Primary Electionsand vote for Robbie Morgan, Tommy McNeilly and Dennis Davis for County Commissioners.

    Robert A. Williams

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