Part II—NO JUSTICE from Cop-Killer Trial !!! No Death Penalty-for SPD Officer Tim Brackeen’s Alleged Murder!!! No Justice for Alleged Cop Killer Who never received a Fair Trial!!! No Justice for the Citizens who are left with nothing but unanswered questions!! The Judicial System Cheats Public From ever knowing the Truth!! Gossip, source reports, arguendo and views of a white person-Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Rev, Dr. Martin Luther King said in his famous piece, A Letter from a Jail in Birmingham that, among other things, “an Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere.” What just happened in the Cleveland County Courthouse in the abbreviated Death Penalty Murder Trial and surprise Plea Bargain of Irving Lucien Fenner, Jr. adds many examples of Dr. King’s overall message and subject matter.

That being said, think about this:
• Rights delayed are rights denied.
• Justice delayed is justice denied.
• Discrimination is alive and well in Cleveland County.
• Oppressors will never give freedom to the oppressed, freedom must be demanded by the oppressed (a fair trial in this matter).
• Evil prevails when good people do nothing–like the leaders of the black community doing nothing in this matter, the Cotton Fair Booth controversy as well as doing nothing in Willie Green’s Sports Complex controversy. And just about everything else controversial in between.

Only one thing is certain in the alleged Murder of Shelby Police Department Officer Tim Brackeen in 2016 and the surprise surrender of the District Attorney’s Offices in their tearful offering of an excuse for a plea bargain is this; The TRUTH of the matter has NOT been told!!

But here are some truthful details that are without question:

• An alleged cop-killer has been sentenced to life in prison without parole and without a trial.
• The alleged cop -killer and four others were held in jail for three years without being convicted of a crime.
• No jury was empaneled in the case.
• Not one credible eye witness to the fatal shootout ever took the stand to testify OR be cross-examined. Assuming there was ever a credible eye witness in the first place.
• Not one witness testified in court against this alleged cop-killer about anything.
• No physical evidence was shown to the jury or to the public.
• The suspicious and likely tampered with body cam footage showed total darkness, yet the only so-called “person close to the scene” reported to the media that she could identify the accused cop-killer because of the bright lights in the area. No trial meant no testimony which meant no cross-examination by the defense attorney about this major contradiction.
• The defense attorney appeared to be interested in only one thing-no death penalty while the prosecuting attorney appeared to have no proof that the accused cop-killer was guilty of anything except being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Allegedly with a gun. An alleged murder weapon that was never produced.

Also, the Defense Attorney, Victoria Jayne from Hickory, stated in news media reports that the accused cop-killer had an IQ of 60. Other news media reports said that the accused cop-killer had failed several grades in school and quit school in the 10th Grade.

However, Google research states the following: “The vast majority of people in the United States have I.Q.s between 80 and 120, with an I.Q. of 100 considered average… An estimated 89 percent of all people with retardation have I.Q.s in the 51-70 range…An I.Q. in the 60 to 70 range is approximately the scholastic equivalent to the third grade. An IQ of 60 is significantly retarded, and in in many cases be related to down syndrome and or a traumatic brain injury.”

Yet, the accused cop-killer was smart enough to make it to the 10th Grade, allegedly eluding a number of other Shelby Police officers who were hot on his heels, arrange for an escape to Rhode Island and when captured in Rhode Island days later was smart enough to refuse medical treatment to remove a bullet from his back. That bullet allegedly fired from SPD Officer Brackeen’s firearm, so as to maintain evidence that he was indeed shot by Brackeen. Evidence that the cop-killer believed would otherwise be “lost” (on p[purpose) for his defense. The alleged cop-killer was also smart enough to know the DA did not have a death penalty case or perhaps no case at all. And was smart enough to hold out for the three years required for the DA to have to hold a jury trial. Knowing all along that the DA did not have any evidence that would justify a death penalty verdict.

Then the Shelby Star printed the following, apparently without question.

“District Attorney Michael Miller released a statement on the guilty plea saying, in part:

The murder of a law enforcement officer is different from other murders not because the man or woman behind the badge is any more valuable than any other man or woman. The pain and suffering of the family of a murdered law enforcement officer is no greater than the pain and suffering of the family of other murder victims. The pain and loss is so great it cannot be measured by man. Our office realizes and appreciates this fact.

The murder of a police officer is different because it represents an attack on every law-abiding citizen in the community. The men and women who put on the badge represent us. We, as a community, have given them the power and authority to act on our behalf in bringing dangerous and violent criminals to justice. The willingness of the women and men of law enforcement to shoulder the responsibility of protecting each of us should be backed up by a community that is willing to impose a penalty of death to one who murders one of our protectors.

The State’s decision to allow Mr. Fenner to accept responsibility for the murder of Office Tim Brackeen without facing a sentence of death was made after a careful analysis of the law in the State as to the charge of murder and the facts and circumstances surrounding Mr. Fenner’s murder of Officer Brackeen.”

Editor’s Note: Note that the DA, nor anybody else as reported in the Shelby Star, ever considered the idea that there are “rotten” Police Officers. The history of the Shelby Police Department as well as the Sheriff’s Department show a few “rotten” officers. Officers who steal from the stores they have keys to, who overlook crimes committed by attractive women in exchange for sex, officers who keep for themselves “collectable” firearms that were confiscated. Not to mention officers who selectively charge “low class” whites and blacks with crimes while not charging friends and friends of friends. Among other things. Cleveland County and everywhere else is full of this.

The Star then printed an article where Shelby Police Chief Jeff Ledford also stated that the accused cop-killer had accepted responsibility for his actions and the case was closed.

Well, The DA’s Office, the City of Shelby, the Shelby Police Department and the Shelby Star have their “talking points” (they always have their talking points) and may say the case is closed. But I say there is much more to this case that has not come out. I also say that there is more that WILL come out in future articles that I will write from my very own research that I have done in this matter. As well as the reports I have received from trusted sources. And my own conclusions based on putting together all the pieces of this puzzle.

So, Mr. DA, Chief Ledford, The Shelby Star and others, this case is NOT closed and it will not be closed until I say it is closed. Remain silent at your own risk.

Folks, stay tuned. There is much more to this case and the DA, the Shelby Police Department, probably the Star and many others know there is much more to this case. And I am about to tell it. And it will take several more articles to do so. A thousand words at a time until I am done. Again. Stay tuned!

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