Part II–Former Cleveland County substitute teacher charged with multiple sex crimes!!! Official Media Release Provided!!! Sheriff Calling on PUBLIC to report any other such crimes!! Call Sheriff-Do NOT call CCS!!! Report forwarded by Robert A. Williams

The following is the Official Media Release from the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department

Official Media Release

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a former substitute teacher of the Cleveland County School System for multiple sex related crimes. On 11/18/2021, the SRO at Crest Middle was notified by a parent that a substitute teacher, Emily Durden, had possibly been sending their child inappropriate images and videos. The Sheriff’s Office initiated an investigation and quickly discovered that Ms. Durden had initiated conversations and shared sexually explicit materials with several 13 and 14-year-old children. As part of the investigation, Ms. Durden was interviewed and admitted to sending the sexually explicit videos and pictures to the children. The investigation is still ongoing and if your child was victimized by Ms. Durden, please contact the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office.

Ms. Durden was arrested on 11/18/2021 and held in the Cleveland County Detention Center under a $50,000.00 secure bond.  She posted this bond and was released on 11/19/2021. Suspect-Emily Jean Durden W/F

2112 Joes Lake Rd. Shelby NC 28150

DOB- 10/22/2002

Charges- Indecent Liberties with Student (2 Counts)
Display Material Harmful to Minor (3 Counts)
2nd Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor (2 Counts)

Editor’s Note: I have received several reports that the “link” provided in the original article cannot be opened by some readers. I am reprinting the original article and providing instructions at the end of the article on how to open the link. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Original Article:

The following link is a report by Charlotte TV Station WCNC. We are providing it to you as a public service. Read the article and talk to your children. Then, look through their cell phones for suspicious pictures and communications.

We recommend YOU call the Sheriff’s Department immediately at 704-484-4888 if you have any knowledge about this or any other such crimes against children at Cleveland county Schools. We also commend you NOT call Cleveland County Schools as such calls to CCS seem to most often get covered up. Call the Sheriff’s Department directly. Not the Shelby Police Department. The Sheriff’s Depart will immediately investigate and quickly take the appropriate actions as described in the following article.

Also note the article says “Former” teacher.” It appears the CCS Board and Administration either fired the teacher or made her resign in what appears to already be acts by CCS to coverup their inactions. That is until a parent calls the Sheriff’s Department directly. Then and there, is when the action starts.

Former Cleveland County substitute teacher charged with multiple sex crimes

PS: It is a shame that a nineteen-year-old and an obviously smart person has gotten herself into such a heinous mess as this. Something that will probably follow her for the rest of her life. This woman is just past high school age herself. And, from what I hear, such behavior as this is widespread in high school, middle school and even in elementary school all across Cleveland County, North Carolina and the USA. Pornography from cell phone cameras downloaded onto computers and passed on to friends. And all of this is being infiltrated by the hard core and dangerous perverts that seem to find and prey on children.

Parents, YOU had better start “policing” your child’s cell phones and especially school provided laptop and notebook computers. And I mean right NOW!!! Otherwise, YOU might find YOUR child is caught up in similar circumstances.

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