Obama Appointed Judge Makes Phony Ruling to Save CCC-BoTs!!! Refused to let Jury Hear the Evidence in Age Discrimination Case!! Same Judge that Overturned NC State Constitution on Same Sex Marriage That Cleveland County Supported 4-1!! Justice was NOT Done!!! BoTs ought to be ashamed!!! No News Yet if Ruling was Appealed!! –Report, evaluation and legal opinions by Robert A. Williams

So, my idea is to have a Trial for Wanda Leonard and the CCC BoTs right here in Cleveland County. A Jury Trial in the Court of Public Opinion. A trial right here on this website where the BoTs as well as Wanda Leonard and her colleges, students, citizens and taxpayers get to participate. Maybe even activist Judge O. Max Cogburn might want to explain himself. Even CCC employees who are still afraid to speak out will be assured of anonymity. This should be fun. And informative to everybody that the First Amendment is alive and well in Fallston and Cleveland County.

Stay tuned folks while I get this Trial all formatted out and ready to go. And remember, it is just like Judge Cogburn said, we will find out what the expectations of the “decision makers” are here in Cleveland County. Us taxpayers and Citizens have the expectation and we are the decision makers. WE are going to decide whether or not OUR expectations for good government are met. The verdicts will come in at Election Time in 2020.

[gview file=”https://citizensforgoodgovernment.org/online/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Leonard-Summary-Judgement-Order.pdf”]

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