New Shelby Sports Academy Project Seeking Funding!!! Just What City of Shelby Needs!!-A Place for troubled teens to go!!! At just the price the City of Shelby wants to pay—ZERO!! A ZERO payment for a ZERO interest in reducing teen Crime!!! Especially Black on Black Crime!!! Report and opinions by Robert A. Williams

Denzell Hosch; a 2010 Shelby High School Graduate, 3.5-year Army Veteran and a 4-year college graduate and standout basketball player, has taken to Social Media to fund a new Shelby Sports Academy Project. Phase 1 of this project is to raise $50,000 thru GoFundMe to make a down payment on land to build a Gymnasium. As of this writing, $170 in donations has been collected. ZERO from the City of Shelby, Cleveland County Schools, the County Commissioners or any other law enforcement agency in Cleveland County.

Also, just by happen-stance, the “failed” Cleveland County Juvenile Crime Prevention Commission (JCPC), chaired by Shelby Police Chief Jeff Ledford is on the Cleveland County Commissioner Meeting Agenda for Tuesday night May 18,2021 to present the JCPC Annual Report. ZERO dollars in support of such an obviously needed facility in the City of Shelby is included. The report is just the “same-ole-same ole” mish-mash of treatment, counseling and such run by Cleveland County Schools, the Cleveland County Health Department, DSS, Communities in Schools and other providers of failed projects that get funded over and over again with no accountability or success. A copy of this “Report” is attached at the end of this article. The report shows over $340,000 is spent by the JCPC and, again, ZERO is spent on the most obvious of ‘Youth Problems” in Shelby. Nowhere to go and nothing to do!!

Mr. Willie Green sent an email message directly to the entire City of Shelby Leadership and others stating “Mr. Denzell Hosch needs help building his sports facility in Shelby. Please show your support.”

Knowing how the City of Shelby and the County Commissioners, after Mr. Green purchased land and arranged over $8 Million in personal financing to build his own Sports Complex, which included six gymnasiums, weight rooms, volleyball courts and many other amenities, refused to “partner” with Mr. Green. Obviously because Mr. Green is black and the present (and past) City of Shelby leadership was racist with a long history of discriminatory practices against Mr. Green and others such that Mr. Green’s comment to the City of Shelby corrupt leadership to support Mr. Hosch’s project was perhaps “tongue-in-cheek.” But, perhaps not. Mr. Green realizes what needs to be done to combat teen crime in Shelby. And, obviously the City of Shelby leadership, including Chief Ledford and the Commissioners, do not.

But, don’t believe me about the new Shelby Sports Academy project. Read it for yourself. Please use this link to go to the GoFundMe website and donate to your heart’s content. Also, Mr. Denzell Hosch’s comments are included below.

Denzell Hosch is organizing this fundraiser.
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Community & Neighbors
My name is Denzell Hosch. I graduated from Shelby High in 2010. I served 3.5 years in the Army then played college basketball for 4 years. I graduated from Fayetteville State University with a MBA and Project Management is the concentration. This makes it easier to plan and manage the biggest project of my life…Bringing SHELBY SPORTS ACADEMY to Shelby NC!!! Basketball is growing in Shelby and it saddens me to see our youth struggle to find places to practice and work on their game. This project will also give our AAU programs a place to host tournaments and generate more money for Shelby NC. The first phase of this project is ACQUIRING THE LAND. With help from Mrs. DeVoe, I’ve found the perfect location for Shelby Sports Academy. I don’t want to post the location until I’ve secured the land because I’m afraid someone would buy it just to keep us from making it happen. I want to put down at least $50,000 to make the monthly payments reasonable. With Shelby having an estimated population of 22,000, I know this is an attainable goal. Donor packages are listed below:


Donor Packages

$1,000+: Platinum

$750-$999: Diamond

$500-$749: Gold

$250-$499: Silver

$100-$249: Bronze

$1-$99: Community

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Tarmarus Kelley
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The JCPC Annual Report is provided below (read at your own risk about how $340,000 will be wasted):

PS: Ask your City of Shelby officials what they are going to do about teen crime in Shelby!!!??? Something that works!!!

JCPC_Executive_Summary 2021-2022
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