New DSS Director Starts Job on Monday!!! Time to make a Clean Sweep at DSS!!! Here is where to start with the sweeping!!! We Are Naming Names!!! List forwarded by and arguendo provided by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: The following message and list of names were provided to me as a good starting place for the New DSS Director to begin “Cleaning House” at the Cleveland County Department of Social Services. I have kept the identity of the person who sent me this message and list anonymous, but I will state for the record that I attended a Court hearing where this person’s family was split apart by a phony DSS process where a twenty year old autistic son was declared “incompetent” and taken from his family for the apparent sole purpose of stealing from his disability check. Also note that not all on this list are direct DSS employees but work with DSS in committing their dastardly deeds.

All the individual listed below have been instrumental in horrific acts which violate the human and civil rights of the Indigenous People of Cleveland County

These names represent only a short list of beings who lack the ability to effectively serve for civil duties.

Each name is deserving of permanent removal from their professional duties… Stat!

Loann Meekins
Angela Woods
Kerri Howell
JoAnn Windley
Hank Bowers
Tom Ensley
Shelley Snyder
Courtney Morehead

Editor’s Note Part II:
I would add Interim DSS Director Jane Shooter and lawyers Chuck Wilson and Karen Wright to the top of this list. As well as the DSS employees who swore under oath in the Murphy v. CCDSS Federal Lawsuit that they all had committed improper and illegal acts under the direction of their DSS Supervisors.

Also, anyone with additional information regarding “problem” DSS Employees, please feel free to provide their identity to me. And I will forward them to the new DSS Director, Katie Swanson, as the starting point for cleaning up the very long-standing corruption and the general “mess” at the Cleveland County DSS.

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