N-Word: Exposed, and Explained!!! Offesnsive Song, Confederate Flag, Massa and Plantation Politics too!!! Report, Expose and Explanation by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: This article is controversial and for a mature and critical thinking adult readers only. No offense to any person is intended. Just a focused discussion on just what exactly is going on right now in Cleveland County Elections. And leaving nothing out.

“Nigger” is presently the most offensive word in the English Language when it is used by a white person addressing a black person. Although I have been told it is OK for a black person to address another black person as “Nigga,” a derivative of nigger.

From here on out we will use “N-word”

The dictionary says there are several meanings for the word N-Word. The first definition being the severely offensive term for a person of color. The word developed about the time of the American Revolutions when most black persons were slaves. In recent years this word use has been attacked so much that most white people don’t use the word “N-Word” anymore. And if they do, they refer to the word as the “N-Word.” This concession by white people has widely and falsely been used as justification by many to say that significant progress has been made in race relations and that there has actually been major and equitable socio-economic improvements in the lives of most black people. It is a hollow concession by the white community that has produced exactly nothing in improvements to the overall equitable socio-economic advancement, education and progress of the black community. In reality this empty concession has been “weaponized” to divide and politically conquer the black community and generate resentment and backlash in the white community. Which actually hinders race relations during political discussions and dirty politics election strategies such as in the Re-elect Eddie Holbrook Campaign.

The second meaning of the word “N-Word” is much more of a powerful weapon in keeping the equitable socio-economic advancement in the poorer black and white communities to a minimum. So powerful a weapon that the word does not even have to be spoken. It is just a “concept,” an “attitude” of superiority that is used to control and divide both blacks and whites for political gain. That second definition of a N-Word is a person (black or white) considered by many as a relatively inferior and deprived individual of lower socio-economic standing and generally thought to be ignorant and mentally slow. A person to be told what to do and be expected to do what they are told without question or complaint-or recourse. This definition also developed during the days of slavery when the Master (Owner) of the Plantation, usually called “Massa”, would instruct his simple minded and uneducated slaves (N-Words or darkies) on what to do and expect it to be done with no questions or complaint. Punishment for disobedience or on a whim was or could be harsh and the slaves were legally his “property” to do with as Massa pleased.

Now, here we are in 2018, over 54 years since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (over 150 years since the 13th and 14th Amendments were passed with no tangible evidence of improvements in race relations or equitable socio-economic standings. All the black community has is a word that most white folks don’t use anymore. And the Confederate Flag and Confederate Historical Monuments that have recently been equated with the “offensive” label previously attributed to the word “N-Word.” With the same results. After they are taken down or moved, still no progress on the equitable socio-economic development front occurs. Only backlash and resentment from the white community against the black community. A community that has become accustomed to accept such “token” concessions that are so touted by the Uncle Toms like the Rev. Lamont Littlejohn and Ronald Harrill in the black community who have sold out to the white Massa for the purpose of lowering the “temperature” of the black community.

I have already termed the 2018 dirty politics of the “Massa Eddie” Holbrook for Commissioner Campaign “Plantation Politics” because that is exactly what it is. Straight out of the pre-Civil War plantation practices where the “Massa” would order his “N-Words” on what they were expected to do. Massa Eddie’s N-Words today are both white N-Words and black N-Words. All expected to do Massa Eddie’s bidding without question or complaint. All brainwashed enough to be convinced that what they are doing is right-or right for them because it advances their standing a bit to be known as Massa Eddie’s N-Word.

The problem with this Plantation Politics is that it has worked for over 100 years. Probably longer than that in Cleveland County. There is a gap in education that has been identified and all these so called “Close the Gap” programs have been initiated seem to last forever and no defendable improvements have ever been shown. Same with the Math Academy, Communities-In-Schools, etc. Even Head Start, Smart Start and More at Four which seem to be basically baby sitting programs dumped onto school systems,

Presently the Plantation Politics swarming around Massa Eddie Holbrook’s unsavory campaign for re-election to County Commissioner seems particularly vicious and wide spread. The offensive song at Washington Elementary, the Flag suspensions at Burns High School, the Facebook smear campaign against me and others, the Pastor who was run off from his Church, the Pastor who was denied the opportunity to speak at Monday’s School Board meeting, the Uncle Toms lighting up their support for Massa Eddie, the rigged questions at the recent Democrat Primary Election Forum sponsored by “People for a Stronger Cleveland County” (a group of citizens actually trying to put an end to Plantation Politics) and the usual telephone rumor mill by the Massa’s sycophants. All part of a pattern that fits the MO of an obvious episode of Plantation Politics gone wild. All intended to divide the black community and their votes against itself and solidify a racial backlash in white Democrat community to encourage a single shot vote for Massa Eddie.

In conclusion, this is what we have seen in previous elections and we are seeing it now. Why? Because it works. What can be done? Don’t be taken in by Plantation Politics. Keep your eye on the prize. And the prize in this Democrat Primary election is two fold. Getting rid of Massa Eddie by voting for Chris Gash and Todd McIntosh. Both good candidates. H.O.T candidates as I call them because they advocate Honesty, Openness and Transparency. Three words that are not in Massa Eddie’s vocabulary. Three words that do NOT describe the present Board of Cleveland County Commissioners.

PS: This article was not released prior to the Democrat Primary Election because I thought it was too controversial. After attending the May 13, 2018 School Board Meeting and listening to those who spoke during the Citizens Recognition, I realized no problem or issue is too controversial to NOT be talked about honestly and resolved accordingly.

PS Part 2: Massa Eddie Holbrook barely squeaked by the Democrat in a far back second place and just a slim lead over the third place finisher. I would advise everybody to hold on as the 2018 Commissioner Elections are not finished yet and there may be surprises in the air.

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