Mutiny by Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees!!! Refuse to Abide by State Law and Commissioner Appointments!!! Refuse to Remove Robert “Luke” Queen from BoTs and swear in NEW Commissioner Appointment at July 13, 2021 BoT Meeting!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Folks, don’t believe a word I say in this article. The truth is all in the Cleveland Community Colleges own records. You can read it for yourselves.

The Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees are holding a Regular Meeting this Tuesday, July 13, 2021 in the CCC BoT Boardroom at 11:00 AM. These CCC BoT regular meetings are held every other month on the second Tuesday. The 11:00 AM Meeting time is set at 11:00AM for two reasons. Reason Number 1 is to set a meeting time that is most inconvenient for members of the public to attend. Reason Number 2 is to finish up the meeting at about noon so the Board of Trustee Members can have a fancy catered meal brought in at taxpayer expense.

The first very CCC BoT meeting that I attended several years abo was held in a small room just outside the President’s Office that was set up with a big table and a sparkling white table cloth, fancy china plates, silverware and crystal goblets. The actual BoT meeting was actually held during the fancy meal. There was a big scandal just breaking at that time and there were several of us members of the public there that got to watch the BoT members eat their meal as we were cramped up around outside periphery of the room. I vowed to come to the next meeting armed with a brown paper bag lunch of a can of sardines, Beanie-Weanies, eat my lunch with a plastic spoon and a bottle of water and a paper towel for a napkin. The next meeting, well attended by members of the public, was moved to a much bigger room. Although the BoTs eventually would go into an adjoining room after the meeting was adjourned for some food. Perhaps I will attend this coming July 13th meeting armed with my very own brown bag lunch and join the BoTs in their “other room” experience. Legally they can’t stop me as they still have a quorum of BoT members all gathered together. But laws don’t matter much to this crowd. They might still try to have me arrested as they did one time before. The Law Enforcement Officer wasn’t having any of their foolishness-which pissed off Wes Westmoreland, Dennis Bailey, Robert Queen, Lamont Littlejohn and Jason Hurst to no end. I urge any member of the public that wants to see how their government operates to join me at CCC Tuesday Morning. Read on folks. You ain’t heard nor seen nothing yet!!!

CCC July 13 2021 BoT Meeting Agenda--BoardDocs® Plus
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