More on Thornburg!!! –Alleged Involvement in More Sex Scandals & Possible misuse of Credit Cards!!! –Thornburg ally, President of NC Community Colleges, Resigns–Gives no reason!! Report by Robert A. Williams

There is an old saying, “When it rains, it pours.” This is typical of scandals too. When Cleveland Community College President L. Steve Thornburg got caught using that “vulgar” password (“fuckshannon69”) after ten years and the word got out, Thornburg had to go. Only an “ostrich-like” (head in the sand) CCC Board kept Thornburg from being immediately dismissed for cause. And then rewarded with around $200,000 more of taxpayers. But as far as Thornburg goes, there is more allegations of wrongdoing coming in on a regular basis. Read on.

On July 29, 2017 I received a piece of mail without a return address. The letter contained a short message saying this:

Mr. Williams,

The scandal that is going on at Cleveland Community College is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vastness of this scandal. There is a Breakfast Club that Steve Thornburg was a part of that needs to be looked into to see how far this scandal really reaches . Companies are using women to build their business via sex. I have two kids and I must stay anonymous, But I work for a company that has ties to the Board at CCC and operate in the same manner. The owner is a member of that exclusive Breakfast Club.

Concerned Citizen

This article will be sent to the CCC Board of Trustees so they can’t deny knowing anything about this Breakfast Club sex allegation. We will see what they do and report accordingly. There is more.

Gary Blake, another ally and friend of Steve Thornburg had a high level position (Principal) at Cleveland County Schools and regularly ate out on weekends and paid with CCS Credit Cards. These weekend occasions took place not only in Cleveland County but also in Spartanburg, Hickory, Forest City and other locations that had fancy restaurants. Allegations are Steve Thornburg accompanied Blake on this area tour of fancy restaurant. Speculation is that Blake would pay one time with a school credit card and Thornburg would pay the next time with a Cleveland Community College credit card. We urge the CCC Board of Trustees order an immediate accounting of Thornburg’s credit card charges and deduct form Thornburg’s payoff all fraudulent credit card charges.

Note that Gary Blake is now Grade 6-12 Principal at Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy, A Charter School in Rutherford County, where CCC Board member Allen Langley sends his kids to school. You have to wonder why the Cleveland County School Board appointed someone who sends their kids to a charter school in another county to the CCC Board of Trustees???

Now we have confirmed news that Dr. James C. “Jimmie” Williamson, President of the North Carolina Community College Board and reportedly a strong supporter and ally of Dr. Steve Thornburg has resigned from that $285,000 position without giving a reason? Is there some association with the Thornburg scandals at CCC that has rubbed off on Williamson? Or, Did Williamson resign to something better so his buddy Steve Thornburg could takeover Williamson’s old position as the NC State President of the Community College Board?

Folks, stranger things have happened than this right here in Cleveland County. We are going to have some killer articles coming out soon regarding shenanigans just as wild and weird as the saga at Cleveland Community College. You never knew about all the corruption oozing around Cleveland County government agencies. but we are going to tell you about them. If you are smart, you will go to the ballot box every election and vote out all incumbent School Board members (except Danny Blanton), all the County Commissioners, the DA and Judges. Stay tuned!!

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