More BAD News from Shelby High School, CCS Cover-up!!! Title IX Discrimination & Assault of a Female!! System wide “Walkout” Called For! Report by Robert A. Williams

Reports have just come in that two Federal Officials have been out to Shelby High School yesterday and today. They are investigating complaints that the SHS girls softball team is being discriminated against in violation of a Federal Law Commonly called Title IX. (Pronounced Title 9)

“Title IX Defined. No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. (Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.”

In particular, this Title IX complaint alleges the girls softball team at SHS are not provided with equal facilities as the boy’s team have at Shelby High School. Of course this is true. It is also true that neither the boy’s of girls at every other school in Cleveland County do not have facilities equal to what Shelby High School has.

Reports also state that the SHS Principal, Athletic Director and others have instructed the female SHS team members to lie to the Federal Investigators about their lack of equal facilities. Of course such instructions would have come straight from the CCS School Board. They are well practiced liars themselves in trying to cover-up the problems at CCS and in particular Shelby High School and Kings mountain high Schools, both of which have more and better facilities than Burns and Crest High Schools.

Facebook is abuzz with the stuff going on at SHS and the cover-up. Of course I suggest that all parents everywhere instruct their children to never lie to anyone and especially not to Federal Officials. It is a shame and disgrace that I even have to say that.

Facebook is also carrying notices that CCS students should walkout out of class on March 27, 2018 (Next Tuesday) at 10 AM as a show of support for the girls softball team at Shelby High School. This puts the CCS Board in a “pickle” as they supported and encouraged the previous “gun control” walkout despite the fact that it totally violated the CCS Board’s own policy. More lies from the school board about that.

Now, crimes at CCS that are more local.

Two female students at Shelby High School allegedly went to an Assistant Principal with a report that a Division 1 Football Player had assaulted and “hurt” one of their friends. Policy wise, that Assistant Principal should have immediately called Shelby Police Chief Jeff Ledford and turned this over to law enforcement. Instead, the Assistant Principal blew off the report and told the girls Oh, So and So would never do that. And let it drop like a lead balloon. I think I will report this myself to Chief Ledford as well as to DSS. Let’s see what happens.

Stay tuned folks, this is an Election Year.

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3 years ago

The accusation against the football player seems to be from a 3rd person. This will not stand in any court of law. They need a first person accusation to make any justice to be served. These are the general rules against hearsay evidense. However, hearsay may be allowed under certain conditions and this could be one of them.