More about the Fair Fence Rip-off from June 4th 2019 Commissioner’s Meeting!!! Commissioners Against Plan but Vote to Waste Tax Dollars Anyway!! Just like Massa Eddie Holbrook would have wanted!!! Cleveland Community College Landlocked!!! Report and “Arguendo” by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: “Arguendo” is a Latin word used many times in the Commissioners “Answer” in recent Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Federal Lawsuit against the Cleveland County Commissioners, County Manager Brian Epley, Dorothea Wyant and Sam Lockridge. The legal use of this Latin word means “for the sake of argument.” The County uses that word many times in their answer to the sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit so they could lie, but deny that they are lying. The general definition of “arguendo” means “for the sake of discussion.” That is how I will use that word in my articles from now on. Except, unlike the Commissioners, Epley, Wyant and maybe Lockridge; what I say is the truth or I believe it to be the truth. Lots of difference between me discussing the truth of the matter and trying to lie out of official wrongdoing by the commissioners, Epley, Wyant and maybe Lockridge. \also note that there will be a major series of articles about that Federal Lawsuit against the Commissioners, Epley, Wyand and Lockridge as well as lawsuits against CCC CCS and DSS.

Editor’s Note Number II; My previous article regarding the Fair Ripping off taxpayers was written before the Commissioner’s meeting on June 4, 2019 and sent directly to the Commissioners and others before publication. I have learned that the Citizen’s Recognition part of the agenda at Commissioner’s meetings is a joke. They don’t care what you say. It goes in one ear and out the other. So, I put my “arguendo” in writing and send it directly to the Commissioners as well as everybody else in Cleveland County and the internet world. This article contains additional information about the Fair rip-off that I learned at the meeting. And believe that every taxpayer and voter in Cleveland County deserves to know.

This article is limited to the Fair Fencing part of the Commissioner’s agenda. The budget fiasco will be reported and “arguendo’ed” in a separate article.

As I stated in my previous article somebody came up with the nitwit idea that the fence at the Fair across from the LeGrand Center and Cleveland Community College needed improvement. What I learned at the Commissioner’s meeting was some unnamed people believed the view of the Fair from Marion Street was “ugly.” This started some discussion three years ago, during Commissioner Massa Eddie Holbrook’s reign and continued. The County, under Holbrook, advanced the nitwit idea to the point of getting a landscape architect to design some sort of fencing arrangement. To the tune of over $303,000.

Somehow the Fair added this crazy idea to some grant writing and got grant money from the State to do the fence and two other projects. Then, also somewhere along the line the County decided to give the Fair $150,000, allegedly for the Fence that the State had already funded. So, the $150,000 from the County was basically a gift. And the City of Shelby puts up noting.

Usually the Commissioners don’t discuss anything in the meetings, although doing county business in open meetings is the law. But this time there was some discussion. Discussion that I thought came from trying to lie out of my article sent to them. Anyway, here is what happened.

In short, Commissioner Doug Bridges, who is also on the Fair Board (A conflict of interest) says he wants the fair to look good for it’s 100th year anniversary. But also said the view did not look ugly to him. Commissioner Deb Hardin had some questions about the trees that would be planted for the fencing. That in the winter there would be no leaves and the view would be the same as before. Hardin agreed with Bridges that she did not think the view was ugly in the first place. Commissioner Johnny Hutchins said that the plantings and fencing did not meet the minimum regulation of the Land Use Plan (Planning Board).

But when Commissioner Vice-Chairman Ronnie Whetstine (who chaired the meeting saying Commissioner Chairman Susan Allen was out of town-but something was fishy-All the name tags were rearranged with Susan Allen’s nametag missing. Since Allen has recently undergone treatment for a reoccurring cancer her missing nametag may be an indication of something negative.) asked for a motion. Commissioner Bridges made the motion to approve spending the $150,000 and Deb Hardin Seconded the motion. Johnny Hutchins and Whetstine also voted FOR the wasteful spending.

So, in arguendo, it appears that Republican Susan Allen may be leaving/vacating her seat on the Board of Commissioners. Massa Eddie might be soon be changing his registration to Republican and the silly Republican Executive Committee may appoint Holbrook back on the Board of Commissioners. Maybe that might be unnecessary since the new Commissioners appear to be letting Eddie Holbrook pull their strings anyway. It certainly appears so. And Wasting taxpayer money as they go. $160,000 for a project that is not needed in the first place.

And, that is just a start on the arguendo.

Cleveland Community College needs to grow to support all the graduating students from CCS who have not been taught vocational or technical skills-80% of graduating students. There has already been an approval to open a satellite CCC facility up the road a few miles. When right across the street might be better. But, CCC is landlocked by the Fair Ground.

What is needed here is some “grown-up” decision making about the future growth of Cleveland Community College verses an original agricultural related Fair that no longer is based on Agriculture. And a Fair that used to rake in tons of money, but now needs large loans and grants from the taxpayers to even open their gates to visitors.

Let’s face it. The Fair is broken and Cleveland County leadership is broken too. Spending over $300,000 on a fence project that is not even needed is a good indication of that. So is spending tax money on anything or any group that won’t open their books for a good inspection, like the Fair Association is more than just broken. It is likely corrupted to boot. So, why do it?? From the June 4, 2019 Commissioner’s meeting you have to conclude that is a question that deserves an answer. What you got was a group of conflicted Commissioners who will spend hundreds of thousands of your tax-dollars, just to not have to think about the future use of the County owned Fairground and Cleveland Community College.

There is a word for that. “Phronemophobia:” the fear of thinking. That certainly seems what we have on the Cleveland County Board of Commissioners. A group of phronomophobic so-called leaders who can state their opinions, yet cannot bring themselves to consider the consequences of what they have just done. Waste taxpayer’s money on a project that is not necessary or comply with the county’s own land use plan. And will likely lock out CCC and our children from a good education.

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