Massa Eddie Holbrook’s Robo Caller told me a Lie!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

It was 6:58 PM Friday evening when my phone rang. The caller ID read “Shelby, NC” so I knew it was a Robo Call. But Hey, I had already walked over and picked up the phone, so I said Hello. It was a recording of Massa Eddie telling me that he needed my vote. That he was bringing in all these jobs to Cleveland County and needed to get re-elected to continue doing all this good work.

Well, I thought. Mas Eddie is still spending money. Somebody else’s money like always, but still spending and spending tons of money.

Still lying too. Whatever jobs he is bringing in are for somebody else besides Cleveland County Workers. They have not been taught in school and even CCC workforce development programs (lack of) well enough to even qualify for the jobs that are already available. Jobs that only need simple skills also are too complicated for CCS and CCC trained workers. Massa’s Economic Development crowd are recruiting workers from Charlotte through a new website called “Charlotte’s Backyard.” Look it up. But nobody from Charlotte will come to Cleveland County when Charlotte pays so much better.

At Tuesdays Commissioner’s meeting Commissioner Doug Bridges reported that more than half of graduating seniors want to leave Cleveland County. Commissioner Susan Allen even said the same thing in a different way. “They want to get the heck out of Cleveland County” was Commissioner Allen’s words. And even Massa Eddie admitted CCS and CCC were not doing their jobs in regard to Workforce Development. Blaming them for what he has himself done. Read my article about the May 1, 2018 Commissioner’s Meeting.

So Massa Eddie is lying to us and knows he is lying to us. In my case Massa Eddie is lying to me knowing that I know that he knows he is lying to me. That’s the worst kind of liar in my book.

It is like Benjamin Franklin once said, “Never Trust a Politician”. George Washington, James Madison and all the others who drew up the US Constitution also said the same thing. In the Constitution they drew up to run the United States by, Trust is not a part of any of it. “Checks and Balances” are the way our Constitution is set up to keep the various parts of government under control. Not trust. Not just lies to the gullible. Just Checks and Balances.

As Massa Holbrook has just illustrated in his 12 bad years as a Cleveland County Commissioner, Massa Holbrook’s style of “Trust” will ruin a government, just like Ben, George and James predicted 229 years ago.

This is the only sure way to stop Massa Eddie from lying to you, me and the rest of us.

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