Man Escapes from Shelby Courthouse Jail-Gaston Gazette Reports!!! The Shelby Star is Mission in Action!! Run off by Robert A. Williams??? Report, question and opinions by Robert A. Williams

Here is the link to the Gaston Gazette Article: the article about the jail escape.

So, where is the Shelby Star? This happened right across the street from where they used to be. And the Article was written by Joyce Orlando-a Shelby Star, sometimes, reporter. This time listed as a Gaston Gazette reporter.

Welllll, I reckon I’ve finally ran the Shelby Star out of Shelby and Cleveland County too. And good riddance for all I care. For years all the Star has done is charge you big bucks, take your money and put out fake news. Fluff stuff bragging on the Commissioners, the Schools and Cleveland Community College because they paid the Star to so. Like the American Legion World Series, Baseball Inc, under disgraced and defeated former Commissioner Eddie Holbrook paid ESPN big bucks, big taxpayer bucks, to come to Shelby.

Anyway, Bradley Thompson, 31, white/male from Grover was arrested for drugs, brought to the Courthouse Law Enforcement Center Jail and slipped away from deputies. How this happened is unknown. Thompson was hunted by deputies, the Highway Patrol and the Shelby PD searched for Thompson for about 90 minutes before finding him in a local motel. All reported by Joyce Orlando.

No mention on how Thompson was able to escape. Maybe all the Deputies were out changing their political party too. That is a joke going around. Probably started by the Democrat Crowd on the School Board who filed that phony $3 million lawsuit against the Sheriff. As for the School Board candidates running for re-election and Phillip “Bully” Glover too; they probably couldn’t catch the flu.

PS: Unlike the Shelby Star, I won’t charge you a thing for telling it like it is.

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