Major Dirty Politics at the LeGrand Center!!! On First Day of 2020 Elections Early Voting!!! School Board Candidate Samantha Davis Attacked by Phony Democrats and NAACP!!! Corruption and Lies, Lies and Corruption Everywhere!! Voter Fraud and Election Interference by Russia, China, North Korea and the local Democrats and NAACP already started!!! Source Reports and Arguendo provided by Robert A. Williams

Folks, up until recent laws were changed, the Cleveland County School Board Elections were non-partisan and held in odd-numbered years. Thus, guaranteeing a low turnout and the public paying little to no attention to just how bad Cleveland County Schools had become in neglecting the education of our children. CCS was more into indoctrination (Common Core) than education, and test scores showed it. Nobody was paying attention. Except for me, Danny Blanton and just a few others.

And, the scandals. Fraudulent use of school credit cards. Teachers having sex with students. Teachers and Principals getting it on all over the place. Bullying of students by other students and teachers. A top heavy and wasteful administration that mostly just covered-up and swept under the rug all the corruption. And, when pressed for answers, lied through their teeth. And lots more.

Now it is 2020 and a Presidential Election Year. Record turnout is expected. And, the turnout on the first day of Early Voting indicates a record turnout is exactly what we will have. For President Donald Trump all the way down to the Cleveland County School Board.

Folks, we are going to have a record turnout of voters and we will also have a record amount of dirty political tricks. And a major voter fraud is well within the realm of possibility. No, not a possibility, it is a fact and it has already started. You can forget about election interference by the Russians, the Chinese and the North Koreans. Election Fraud has already begun, hot and heavy, by the Cleveland County Democrats and the NAACP!!!

Ever since Samantha Davis shocked the political world in Cleveland County in her stellar performance at the Cleveland Community College School Board Candidate’s Forum, Samantha Davis has come under attack. Samantha Davis was previously dismissed by the establishment Democrats and Republicans. But, us folks here at the Citizens For Good Government paid attention to what was going on regarding the badly managed Cleveland County Schools and called for citizens to come out and run for the School Board. And they did. Including Samantha Davis. We quickly determined, before just about anybody else, that Samantha Davis had done her due diligence in researching the many problems at CCS and was determined to change the Status Quo. We determined early that Samantha Davis was one of those candidates that should be elected to the Cleveland County School Board. All the while, the local political “hacks” had written off Samantha Davis. That was until her first public appearance at that Cleveland Community College School Board Candidates Forum. What we knew all along, smacked the local political self-proclaimed Cleveland County “Power-Brokers” right between the eyes. Now they are all scurrying to suck up to Samantha Davis and then stab her in the back.

For instance, High level Democrat and NAACP leader Mary Degree was observed running-down Samantha Davis to every early voter she could on the first day of early voting at the LeGrand Center. Mary Degree was also passing out a list of Democrats running for the School Board, but the recommended candidates that were marked were Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker and Roger Harris. Samantha Davis was NOT marked on the hand out. With Five School Board member votes available, Degree was only recommending three. One Black candidate and two white candidates. If Mary Degree was following a “single-shot” strategy to elect black candidates, she should have only marked Richard Hooker. In the 2018 Commissioner’s race Mary Degree’s Plantation Politics helped defeat two black candidates, Chris Gash and Todd McIntosh. As well as Eddie “Massa Eddie” Holbrook. So much for Mary Degree, the Democrats and the NAACP’s attempts to “meddle” and “interfere” with the election process in Cleveland County.

There is more. Former School Board Member Donnie Thurman, Jr. has been burning up Facebook. Like Mary Degree, Thurman is also recommending Shearra Miller, Roger Harris and Richard Hooker. The three incumbents who are almost single-handedly responsible for all the bad things going on at Cleveland County Schools. Saying they are experienced leaders. The are indeed experienced, but leaders in BAD experiences. Thurman, like Mary Degree and others contributed to the 2018 loss of two black candidates as well as Massa Eddie Holbrook. In addition, Donnie Thurman, Jr., Along with Democrat Sally Royster are recommending RINO-Republican Greg Taylor. Who has absolutely ZERO experience on the School Board! This certainly qualifies Donnie and Sally as political hypocrites, if nothing else.

Last, but certainly not least, is School Board member Phillip “Bully” Glover. Bully Glover, supposedly a “Yellow-Dog” Democrat, is also burning up Facebook. Recommending Shearra Miller, Roger Harris and Richard Hooker. And running down Samantha Davis. But the bid Democrat that Bully claims to be is also recommending Republican School Board Candidate Greg Taylor for the School Board. Greg Taylor is widely considered a RINO (Republican In Name Only) that was planted in the Republican Party to run for the School Board to help keep the corruption in place just like it is. Greg Taylor is also blood relatives with a major CCS administration person and CCS power brokers.

Folks, we have concluded that only a team consisted of Samantha Davis, Robert Queen, Ron Humphries, Joel Shores and Rodney Fitch should be elected on in this 2020 School Board Election. All of these candidates are against wasteful spending, against raising taxes and FOR what is in the best interest of the children of Cleveland County. All the other School Board candidates fall way short in these three areas and many more.

This is our common-sense and well-informed recommendation for the School Board as shown marked up below. These candidates represent the only combination of candidates that will allow changes at CCS to start immediately. Otherwise, nothing changes and thousands more graduate from CCS without learning how to read, write and do arithmetic at a 9th grade level. It is as simple as

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