Low-Down, Sneaky, Lying School Board Member Roger Harris Shows His Stuff at August 27, 2018 School Board Meeting!!! Says his FaceBook Posting Mocking the Murder of Mollie Tibbetts by an Illegal Alien Was a Joke between Friends!! The “Joke” is on lying Roger Harris and his defenders on the School Board!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Breaking News from Iowa: The autopsy report describing the cause of death of Mollie Tibbetts came out today. It said “Mollie Tibbetts’ Autopsy Reveals Cause of Death Was ‘Homicide Resulting From Multiple Sharp Force Injuries’

Breaking News from California: A high school senior in California was arrested Monday after she went on a profanity-laced tirade against a classmate for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Union Mine High School student, Jo-Ann Butler, 17, was suspended for one week and faces two counts of battery: one against her classmate for grabbing his MAGA hat and the other against her English teacher, whom she slapped as he escorted her out of the classroom in an altercation captured on a cell phone, according to CBS Sacramento.

“That’s a racist and hateful symbol,” Butler said, adding she took out her anger at the student to “wake people up in some type of way, because it’s not cool the environment our classroom is in.”

Then, there is Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts who says of the Mollie Tibbetts kidnap and murder: “I’m so sorry for the family here,” Warren said, adding that “one of the things we have to remember is that we need an immigration system that is effective, that focuses on where real problems are.” (Not one word of sympathy for the murder victim.)

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Mary Ann Mendoza, whose police officer son Brandon was killed by a drunk-driving illegal immigrant, said she is “disgusted by Elizabeth Warren.”

Just like us citizens in Cleveland County North Carolina are disgusted with school board member Roger Harris. And the other school board members who supported Harris by their silence.

This is how it came down at the August 27, 2018 School Board Meeting under Citizens Recognition.

Matthew Canipe was the only persons signed up for the Citizens Recognition. Mr. Canipe wasted no time getting to the point.

“There was this girl in Iowa, 24 (actually 20) who was murdered by this illegal alien and there is this one person on this board that thinks it’s funny.” Mr. Canipe went on to read part of the post that school board member Roger Harris had shared on Harris’ own Facebook Page. Then Mr. Canipe went on with the describing Harris’s Facebook share, saying “this illegal alien had murdered Mollie Tibbetts and it was time to build the wall now.” The Mr. Canipe started reading Roger Harris’ own words. Not somebody else’s words, but Roger Harris’ own words. (Scroll back an article or two, and this is all shown at the end of my article. 100% proof of what Harris had written on his own keyboard.

Mr. Canipe continued with what Harris had written, “Those Darn those Mexicans need to write the check! They are still paying for the wall…” Then Mr. Canipe, obviously upset, said there is nothing funny about a 24 year old girl getting murdered by an illegal alien. It happened in Iowa and it could happen in North Carolina or wherever. This was someone’s daughter, someone’s grand daughter!!! I have two daughters… Then Mr. Canipe, looking straight at Roger Harris, said “You are on the Board of Education…and you think this is a joke that a 24 year old girl got killed by an illegal immigrant.” Mr. Canipe Continued, “what do you think about the rest of the kids in school? What if a 24 year old from around HERE got killed?”

Breaking News from Fallston, North Carolina: As I was writing this article, at this very point, I remembered a Missing Person’s report about a young woman from Fallston that was on the bulletin board in the Fallston Post Office. I immediately went back to the Post Office and this missing person’s report was still there.. The report was in regard to a missing person, a young white female named Falon Cooksey. The notice said Falon Cooksey was missing from Fallston since 6/10/2018. So, I called the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office to get a status report on finding Falon Cooksey. Incredibly the CCSO reported they had not heard anything about this missing person. Only Asha Degree, missing since Feb.1, 2000 and Sandy Canipe, missing since January 16, 20`16 were listed on the Sheriff’s Office missing person’s list.. I dropped everything on this article and immediately made a formal report to the Sheriff’s Office regarding the Missing Person’s Report on the Fallston PO Bulletin Board. Scroll on back to this article and how I made an “official” missing person’s report regarding this young woman missing from Fallston since June 10, 2018. What a tragedy it would be if the laughing hyena on the school board, Roger Harris, making a joke of a young woman being kidnapped and murdered in Iowa while bad stuff is indeed happening right here in Cleveland County North Carolina as Matthew Canipe was saying.

Back to the School Board meeting; Matthew Canipe is not through yet and it is totally unbelievable what Roger Harris said when Mr. Canipe’s time was up.

Mr. Canipe said that this girl that got killed in Iowa was somebody’s daughter, sister, grand daughter or whatever. Looking right at Harris, Mr. Canipe said that “You (Harris) are on the Board of Education. You are supposed to be a leader. If you can’t stand up for better morals than this, you don’t need to be on this board.” Then Mr. Canipe sat down.

But that was not the end of it.

Disgraced school board member Roger Harris then said, “Ms. Chairman, ordinarily we don’t respond of comment, but this is a personal attack.” Chairman Shearra Miller, totally against her own rules allowed Harris continue.

Harris said his “comment was not about anybody dying.” Totally lying and leaving out the fact that his comment was entirely linked to the murder of Molly Tibbetts, killed by an illegal alien. A post that Harris himself had shared and added his own two cents to. With a big picture of Molly Tibbetts. Harris went on to say that his comment was a “light hearted comment” and that it was “silly and asinine that anyone could interpret his comment any other way.” Harris continues, “the gentleman is entitled to his opinion but not to your own facts.” Harris said basically everything Mr. Canipe said was a “grossly false interpretation”… and adds some mumbling I could not hear.

Well, Mr. Roger Harris. You just confirmed everything yourself. You were poling fun (you called it “light hearted comment.” And the facts are clear. The post Roger Harris shared was clear too. Harris’ own statements are clear but tricky-admitting to making fun of the death of Molly Tibbetts, then calling someone else the liar. And, besides the point that he changed his “facts” several times himself as shown in my original article about this incident. If anything was false, it was Roger Harris’ own words coming out of his own mouth. If there are any lies, it is Roger Harris telling them. And his so-called “facts” and words are easily interpreted exactly as Mr. Canipe described. Scroll on back to the original article where the Facebook post and all of Roger Harris’ statements are taken exactly as he wrote them. Nothing was added and nothing was taken out.

Mr. Roger Harris has proved himself to be a total liar in this matter. As big a liar as he has been on many other issues. But there is more.

The rest of the school board shamelessly let Roger Harris get by without asking one question or making any comments of their own regarding this matter. They were all just as guilty and culpable as Roger Harris for their tacit approval of what Harris did and then trying to lie out of it. And they cannot say they did not know about this. I sent every School Board member and the Superintendent an advance copy with all comments and the original post screen shot taken before
roger Harris deleted his post in an effort to lie out of this.

Roger Harris needs to go as well as the other school board members who enable him should just resign from the Board of Education and be gone. They have no credibility and they have no conscience or shame.

In one of my previous articles I opined that Roger Harris just doesn’t “get it.” I have come to believe that my assessment was incorrect. Roger Harris and his ilk on the school board do get it. Just do anything and lie out of it.. The fool voters in Cleveland County have grown up in the CCS educational system and have no capacity for critical thinking and responsible decision making processes. That is why Roger Harris, Shearra Miller, Jo Boggs, Richard Hooker and Jeff Jones got elected or re-elected to begin with. Just like intelligence begets intelligence; stupidity begets stupidity. Go and watch the August 27, 2018 School Board meeting broadcast and you will see exactly what I mean. This and more should give you a clue.

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