Letter to the Editor: School Children being indoctrinated!!! Reprinted by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: This Letter to the Editor applies directly to Cleveland County Schools.

One of the greatest threats to America’s future is what is happening in our nation’s classrooms. From grade schools to the Universities, leftists are obsessed with destroying the Judeo/Christian principles upon which America was founded, indoctrinating the children with socialism and teaching them to hate America. As parents, parents and concerned citizens, we must do more to protect our children from the radical indoctrination infiltrating our public schools. We must attend the local school board meetings and participating on the school board/
Some schools are allowing students to use any bathroom and locker room of their choosing regardless of their biological sex. Air public schools are being fundamentally transformed by a radical liberal agenda with much of the focus being on LGBT education, while standards in math, reading and history steadily decline. Our children are being brainwashed into embracing socialism, rejecting our heritage and hating America.
Radicals believe that it is for the federal government to decide what is taught to our children. Forty-two states have adopted Obama’s Common Core standards because they were bribed with millions in tax dollars for their schools to implement the Common Core.
Washington liberals dictate what is taught and how to teach with no input from parents, school boards, and teachers. (Or the public).
Too many times good people dis nothing-when God was taken out of schools in the 1960’s, when the 10 Commandments in courthouses were outlawed, when Roe vs. Wade opened the door for abortion on demand. Over the next 30 years, birthrates for unwed teenagers went from 15% to 45%, the number of violent crimes increased 600%, sexually transmitted diseases almost 400% and the number of children growing up without a father nearly tripled.
Now that they have been successful in removing God from schools, in many places they have moved to the next phase of their scheme – to replace God with the Pro-Islamic lessons about Allah.
The future of our country depends directly on what our children are taught today, and what they are being taught is an abomination. We must get involved, bring back our Christian values, stop the radical teachings, ban socialism, and restore better education and love for America.

Jean Warrick, Shelby

Printed in the Shelby Star April 24, 2020

Editor’s Note, Part II: The tragedy that has continued for years at Cleveland County Schools can be resolved in the 2020 School Board Elections by simply voting as shown below. Those candidates that are marked all advocated for changes that will restore Cleveland County Schools to the traditional education that has, in large part, been destroyed by the past and present School Board.

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