Lawndale Democrat Employer Won’t Hire Trump Fans!!! Report and opinion by Robert A. Williams

Just when you thought you have seen  all the stupid divisiveness on National News, you find it next door in Lawndale.


An Employment Advertisement in the newest “Shelby Shopper” (page 19) has an ad that reads:


Young Woman and Man to help with home and garden.  (Some heavy lifting.)  Part-time, flexible hours.  Cash.  Opportunity to grow.  Must love plants & animals.  No tobacco use on property  or Trump fans.  Lawndale.  (704)-538-8421″


No mention on pay.  Except it says “cash.”  I wonder if that cash is the kind you can fold or it just jingles.  Either way I figure there will be no benefits, insurance, Social Security and Medicare taken out.  Or reported.


This must be one of the jobs Eddie Holbrook must think people from Charlotte will drive to Cleveland County-Lawndale for.  I bet that phone is ringing off the hook.


What a hoot!!!

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