Hey! School Board Member Roger Harris, Mexico just signed a Check to build the Wall!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Just hours after Cleveland County Schools Board member Roger Harris showed his true character, or lack thereof, in his mockery of the murder of the Iowa woman Mollie Tibbets, claiming that Mexico would never pay for building the wall; President Trump and the President of Mexico just announced the end of NAFTA. And a brand new US-Mexico Trade Agreement that levels out the trading playing field that has been sticking it to the US for most of the Obama years, that will more than pay for the wall.

So there, Mr. Roger “Low-Down” Harris. There are checks and there are CHECKS. The free ride for Mexico just came to an end. Especially in cars and energy. Both big buck items. And other industries too. More American jobs will stay in America. More Mexicans will stay in Mexico. And I expect the caravans of immigrants coming from South America heading for the US will be turned back in Mexico.

All that is needed now is for the Dumb-o-crat obstructionists in Washington DC to cooperate with fixing the broken immigration laws and everybody will benefit. Mexican crooks will stay in Mexican jails. Guatemalan crooks will stay in jails in Guatemala. And US crooks will stay in US jails. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid money will be used for Americans. And less murders like the murder of Mollie Tibbets and Kate Steinle will be occurring.

Happy, Happy, Happy days are here again, for the US and Mexico, thanks to President Donald J. Trump!!! Canada is expected to fall in line very soon with a new trade agreement so they can be Happy too.

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