“fuckshannon69!”– Part II of Sex Scandals, Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Crooked, Outlaw Cleveland County Commissioners, School Board, Cleveland Community College Administration, Economic Development Partnership, DA’s Office, etc.!!!—Proof Everywhere!!!— Report and explanation by Robert A. Williams

Part II: Forward by Robert A. Williams

Part I of this series of articles has been viewed in record numbers and increasing. Go back and read Part I over again to refresh your memory.

More and more information is coming to me regarding bad things and bad behaviour at Cleveland Community College. The information in this article is provided by others and is limited to the original sex scandal allegations and miscellaneous other frauds and wrongdoing at Cleveland Community College. The Early College fraud at CCC and Cleveland County Schools will be included in another article that will be forthcoming. Other information I have learned myself will also be provided in another article. Wrongdoing at CCC, CCS, Commissioners, the School Board, Economic Development, the DA’s Office just keeps on coming in.

“fuckshannon69!” was the password selected by Cleveland Community College President Dr. Steve Thornburg for his official CCC computer access. Dr. Shannon Kennedy is the Vice President at Cleveland Community College. Allegations have been made that there is a sexual relationship between Thornburg and Kennedy that has caused Thornburg to propel Kennedy into a Second in Command position at Cleveland Community College in record time and with less credentials that other eligible candidates. Such an explicit and gross password as “fuckshannon69!” coming from Thornburg appears to bolster and support that allegation. Sources say Thornberg was “fined” for that password by the CCC Board of Trustees by being dismissed for one week without pay. We suspect a permanent dismissal of Thornburg and Kennedy may be more in order here. Along with a wholesale removal and replacement of all eleven on the Board of Trustees as well as high ranking personnel such as Commissioner Eddie Holbrook who had to know such shenanigans were going on. Note that we have received information that CCC Board of Trustees Chairman Ellis Monroe has already resigned in protest over the shenanigans at CCC.

The Part II Article starts right here with an email I received 4/24/2017

Subject: Cleveland Community College

I Found about your site today.

I was the Unix Systems Administrator at Cleveland Community College. I worked there almost 10 years.

Attached is the original letter I sent to all 11 Board of Trustee members. They didn’t have the decency to respond or acknowledge to anything contained in the letter.

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