“Free James G. Coalition” to hold Major Statewide Protest-Demonstration at the Cleveland County Law Enforcement Center May 21, 2018 at 9:00AM!!! Purpose is to free a “HIGH” functioning adult male with autism “kidnapped” under the colour of law by the Cleveland County DSS!! Organizers say Over 500 expected!! Report by Robert A. Williams

My article titled “Nazi Tactics by the Cleveland County DSS Continue Even after having to Pay Off a Federal Lawsuit!!! Nobody Held Accountable at DSS–then or now!!” published October 2, 2017 that has been read by many who, over some time, have decided to take positive action. Go Back and read this article here .

for the sordid details of a corrupt Cleveland County Department of Social Services that has gone rogue on many fronts. They (DSS and others) have gone rogue because the Cleveland County Commissioners have let them go rogue with no consequences and no oversight.

Now, the Cleveland County Department of Social Services and the Cleveland County Commissioners are about to have their chickens come home to roost!!! (As the old expression goes.)

Requests have been received for copies of my original article noted above by various organizations and individuals who are associated with helping treat autism in children and adults. They are incensed by the actions of the CCDSS and the inaction’s of the Cleveland County Commissioners. We all have learned that there is a Court Trial, a jury trial, in Cleveland County Superior Court regarding the case as noted in the original article. The Court Date is May, 21, 2018 starting at 9:00 AM in the Cleveland County Law Enforcement Center.

Plans are being made as we speak for a major protest march on that date and time under the banner of “Free James G. Coalition” down at the Courthouse. Plans include bringing in as many as 500 supporters and major news media (maybe National news media), TV, newspapers etc. regarding the severe un-Constitutionality of how the CCDSS and CC Commissioners operate regarding the rights of citizens with autism.

This whole situation with the fool DSS and the fool Commissioners involved in this particular situation may end up in Federal Court, where it will join an already filed Federal Lawsuit against the Cleveland County School Board as well as an already filed Federal Discrimination Lawsuit against the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees. And all this on top of a Federal Lawsuit just won against the CCDSS where DSS had to pay $55,000. And, the winning plaintiff is now in the process of filing another Federal Lawsuit directly against the Commissioners for retaliation on him for winning his first lawsuit.

All this wrongdoing by the various county agencies AND Commissioners and nobody has been fired or even disciplined.

However, getting the Commissioners straightened out is our job. You and me and all the rest of the 63,000+ registered voters in Cleveland County. We can start doing that in the next few weeks during early voting and the May 8th Democrat Primary Election Day. I urge all voters in the Democrat Primary to cast a vote for both Chris Gash and Todd McIntosh. The other Democrat running, “Massa Eddie” Holbrook, has been in charge of the Commissioners during every single one of these Federal Lawsuits. Massa Eddie has gotta go. Time to retire (at 82) for Massa Eddie and let’s put the young and uncorrupted folks in charge.

Just as important, Be prepared to join in the “Free James G. Coalition” protest at the Shelby Courthouse (Law Enforcement Center) on May 21, 2018 at 9:AM. I suspect TV News coverage from all over North Carolina and beyond will be there. Join in to support fair and lawful treatment for those citizens with autism. I am.

If you think all this is made up and just an April Fool’s Joke, ask the Commissioners why they illegally (in disregard to NC General Stature 143-311(c)) went into Closed Session at their April 3, 2018 Commissioner’s meeting to consult with their attorney on a Potential legal matter. I would ask, WHICH potential legal matter?

Stay tuned. More will be coming soon.

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