Fraud Investigators from the US Department of Labor Reported at Cleveland Community College!!! –Lie Detector Results are in –Don’t expect anything but Cover-up!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

Sources have reported:

1. The US Department of Labor (DOL) fraud investigators are on site at Cleveland Community College investigating allegations of fraud regarding DOL grant funds that were illegally diverted to other accounts. Notice that you haven’t heard a peep from the Shelby Star about this?
2. CCC Executive Vice President Dr. Shannon Kennedy has submitted to lie detector testing and the results are in. (But CCC refuses to tell me what the results were of the questions that were asked.) Again, notice no word from the Shelby Star or Gaston Gazette for that matter.
3. Previous CCC Board of Trustee investigations are being re-investigated by an outside investigator. Results may or may not be in. However, an item on the September 11, 2017 Board Meeting Agenda says a Special Report will be provided by Board Member H. Allen Langley. Not a peep from the Star about this either.

Folks, as President1al Candidate Ronald Reagan once said to his Presidential Debate Opponent Jimmy Carter during their 1980 Presidential Debate, “There you go again!” The Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees and their new (same as the old) do-nothing President are up to their same old tricks too. Keep quite, don’t talk to anyone who knows anything, falsify meeting minutes by not accurately recording information provided by the public into board meeting minutes, knowingly voting to accept the falsified minutes into the official Board of Trustee records, refusing to investigate and follow up on allegations made by members of the public as well as present and past CCC employees, releasing Press Releases to the Shelby Star that only report “good” news that is most often biased and false, refusing to provide to the public records and information that is determined to be public records and public documents in accordance with North Carolina and Federal law and other such propaganda shenanigans. Scroll on back folks and re-read the twenty or more articles that myself and others have provided to this website and show where the CCC Board of Trustees have done anything truly positive to resolve the many scandals at CCC. They couldn’t even get properly rid of former president Steve Thornburg-they had to pay him over $200,000 to get him to leave instead of just firing him for the pervert password “fuckshannon69” he created for his CCC account. Just about any fool in Cleveland County could have done better than this.

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