Former School Board Candidate Bill Gray Speaks Out About CCS!!! A Grandparent who is paying attention!!! And Has Something to Say!!! Forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Mr. Bill Gray is a former school board candidate and a Citizens For Good Government Contributor. Mr. Gray pays attention and forms his own opinions based on personal information and his own individual research. When Mr. Gray speaks, people should listen. And take heed!!! We need many more like Mr. Bill Gray here in Cleveland County.

From: Bill Gray Sent August 27, 2019
To: Robert A. Williams
Robert, post this if you think it has merit,
hang in there, Ye Bell Ringer

I shamefully admit that I have not attended the School Board meetings as I should. When looking around and seeing two Citizens other than myself, that told the whole story.
Our children, grandchildren, and if you are really blessed, great grandchildren are worth the time spent. My interest is really stirred now that I have my first grand in the system.
The most disturbing thing I heard, was a Mother who spoke about a gash in her son’s head, that he had received at his school.
Being there also brought back thoughts from past times. In or around September 2015, we were stumping for School Board Prayer, which turned into a real farce, there were a few pastors for a time that came to the meetings to pray, but it’s seems it ended with a Wiccan, sharing his North, South, East and West message. It was rather interesting. Now it is really quiet in there for less than a minute. Very sad, with over 200 churches in our County.
There was also a stir about a foundation that had a half a million dollars that seemed to be stashed away, but the holders of what seemed to be a stash explained to us that it was just money not a stash. We still have several bored persons, that were then associated with the foundation.
Then there was the credit card spree, which looked more like sweepstake winners. Our Tax Dollars were wasted or stolen with no repercussions. With all that said, the crux of the story is many of the ones sitting there then are the same ones sitting there now.
I realize that, Board Members, may and should attend to tons of information in order to make their decisions. Being a School Board member is no doubt a demanding task.
The trouble that I see now is that, the things I mentioned above and much, much more bull shit has tainted many of the current members on the present Board. Confidence lost can be substantially restored in 2020. I believe that if more Parents would pull back the covers, they would see and agree. I hope you come to future meetings, get involved, listen, and observe now, so you can make a more informed decision, when you vote for School Board candidates in 2020. The future of our children is in our hands.

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