Former Cleveland County substitute teacher charged with multiple sex crimes!!! Sheriff Calling on PUBLIC to report any other such crimes!! Call Sheriff-Do NOT call CCS!!! Report forwarded by Robert A. Williams

The following link is a report by Charlotte TV Station WCNC. We are providing it to you as a public service. Read the article and talk to your children. Then, look through their cell phones for suspicious pictures and communications.

We recommend YOU call the Sheriff’s Department immediately at 704-484-4888 if you have any knowledge about this or any other such crimes against children at Cleveland County Schools. We also commend you NOT calling Cleveland County Schools as such calls to CCS seem to most often get covered up. Call the Sheriff’s Department directly. Not the Shelby Police Department. The Sheriff’s Department will immediately investigate and quickly take the appropriate actions as described in the following article.

Also, note the article says “Former” teacher.” It appears the CCS Board and Administration either fired the teacher or made her resign in what appears to already be acts by CCS to cover up their inactions. That is until a parent calls the Sheriff’s Department directly. Then and there, is when the action starts.

Please click on the link below for the latest information!!!

Former Cleveland County substitute teacher charged with multiple sex crimes

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