Evaluating Results of Democrat School Board Primary Election!!– Dena Green–Biggest Winner!!– Phillip “Bully” Glover–Biggest Loser!!!– –Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Actually, the biggest winners in yesterday’s Democrat School Board Election are Republican School Board Candidates Danny Blanton (an incumbent), Robert Queen, Kevin Whisnant and Rodney Fitch. All the Democrats could do was turn out less than 4% of eligible Cleveland County voters. Basically 96+ percent of eligible voters just stayed home on Primary Election Day even with all the early voting opportunity. We should probably do away with this costly early voting fiasco anyway. Especially when hardly anyone shows up to vote. Even on Election Day.

This is also a tell tale sign of the demise of the Democrat Party in Cleveland County. Once upon a time (when I first registered and voted) you had to vote in the Democrat Primary to have a say in who the final elected official would be. And the entire Cleveland County Republican Party could have held their meetings in a telephone booth. Now it’s the Democrats that are superfluous, just like telephone booths. Making the School Board elections partisan has clearly separated the political winners and losers here in Cleveland County. Thank you Speaker of the House Tim Moore.

All that being said, let’s look at the obvious. Yesterdays Democrat Primary Elections had three groups: 1. The runaway top two winning candidates-Coleman Hunt and Dena Green, 2. The bottom two losers Bully Glover and Tommy Greene-about to become politically extinct like the dinosaurs and 3. The ones who never had a chance-Guy Suttle and Barbara Romich.

Race also had a measurable impact in elevating candidates Coleman Hunt and Dena Green to such a commanding lead in the Democrat School Board Primary Election. Probably more so for Coleman Hunt as he was likely to have many single-shot black votes. Race and single shot voting was not so much help to candidate Dena Green as was her stellar performance at the TEA Party forum a few weeks back. Based on her performance at the TEA Party forum, I did recommend double shot voting for Dena Green and Barbara Romich, but it was Dena Green who carried the day in that forum and yesterday’s election. I predict here and now that Dena Green will be a rising star in Cleveland County politics just as soon as she changes her registration to Republican. Bully Glover, Tommy Greene and Guy Suttle boycotted the TEA Party forum and their cowardice was reflected in the votes that they did NOT get in yesterday’s primary election. Also, Bully Glover may as well forget his future aspirations to run for Sheriff of Cleveland County. Well, he might run for Sheriff, but he will lose. Bully has well demonstrated he has already risen to his level of incompetence in elected office. Politically, Bully Glover is toast.

Probably the most telling in the very weak performance of Bully Glover and Bully-Lite Tommy Greene, both school board chairmen in their day. Neither of these candidates advocate transparency, accountability, educational performance and fiscal responsibility at our schools and have track records that show that. That is why the two Bully’s- Glover and Greene-boycotted the TEA Party forum. Neither could have withstood the scrutiny of well informed voters like the TEA Party crowd.

Especially Bully Glover, the present incumbent school board chairman. Yesterday’s vote was an almost total repudiation of Bully Glover and his disdain for the public, education and fiscal responsibility.

Now, I will predict the November 7, 2017 School Board General Election Results:

Winners-The four Winners are Incumbent Danny Blanton, Robert Queen, Rodney Fitch and Kevin Whisnant, not necessarily in that order.

Closely Followed by Dena Green.

Coleman Hunt, Kathy Falls, Tommy Greene and Phillip Glover bring up the rear but not necessarily in that order.

Folks, Remember this is Cleveland County. You can expect plenty of dirty politics, lies, deceptions and more lies. And maybe some crooked and unethical behavior between now and November 7, 2017. Stay tuned for the truth about CCS and the candidates that you are not likely to get from the Shelby Star or anywhere else.

Also folks, remember to thank Speaker of the House Tim Moore for his role in helping the public determine the best candidates for the school board. Re-elect Tim in 2018. And help elect Tim Moore to the office of NC Governor (or VP ) in 2020 or US Senator in 2020 or 2022. We gotta think ahead.

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