Dirty Tricks by Massa Eddie Holbrook’s Facebook Sycophant–Bartholomew Cubbins!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

At “Massa Eddie” Holbrook’s voting rally held last week at the Cleveland County Fairground Massa Eddie stated that he was going to utilize social media, such as Facebook, to a large extent in his re-election campaign for County Commissioner. Apparently Massa Eddie meant what he said. And just as apparent Massa Eddie has enlisted a Facebook junkie, (Not his real name). to do some dirty tricks for him.

First of all, Bartholomew Cubbins calls me concerned that in my articles regarding the Democrat Primary Election Forum sponsored by the “People for a Stronger Cleveland County,” where I identified the race card Massa Eddie was playing and recommended the two black candidates Chris Gash and Todd McIntosh for the Office of County Commissioner. And perhaps other articles. Cubbins tells me that former school board member Donnie Thurman, Jr. was supporting Chris Gash and that Cleveland County did not need Chris Gash as a commissioner. Of course I have already heard from sources as well as my own appraisal of the political atmosphere surrounding this commissioner’s election that Massa Eddie was scared of getting beat because of the two black candidates running and the black percentage in the Democrat Party running at 40%. Meaning a strong black turnout for the two black candidates could defeat Holbrook. Other indications were Holbrook’s wife allegedly urging Unaffiliated white voters to vote for Massa Eddie in the Democrat Primary. Massa Eddie himself, at his voting rally, was urging white Democrats to vote for him in the primary election, with the undercurrent meaning being “single shot vote for me.” Go to Holbrook’s own website for that. In his call Cubbins goes on and on pushing for me to recommend Massa Eddie, insinuating that Cleveland County does not need two black county commissioners.

I restated to Cubbins that I considered what was said at the forum by all the Democrat candidates as well as Massa Eddie’s record in office. I reminded Cubbins of Massa Eddie raising of the fire tax by 75%, secretly selling the Hospital at pawnshop prices and spending all the money, the vindictiveness of abolishing the Coroner’s Office, wasting so much tax dollars on various projects that turned out to be boondoggles. Cubbins brought up the Sports Complex proposed to the County by Willie Green and what I thought about it. I replied that I was at the Commissioner’s Meeting when the proposal was made and was impressed. Cubbins insinuated that something was shady about the Sports Complex project and hoped Massa Eddie would turn it down, That Willie Green must have told Dena Green to keep her mouth shut at School Board meetings. My comment was that Willie Green had presented what seemed to me to be a fair proposal and if the county decides not to go with it that Mr. Green deserved good and valid reasons for the county to decline his proposal.

In the end, I was not convinced by Cubbins to change my mind and recommend Massa Eddie Holbrook for Commissioner. And I thought that was the end of that.

It was not the end of anything. Next thing I know I received a notification from Facebook that Bartholomew Cubbins had made a Facebook comment about me. So, I take a look. I find a comment from Bartholomew Cubbins on another persons Facebook page basically accusing me making false statements in my articles and that a better source of information was needed in Cleveland County.

So, I sent a personal email to Cubbins that only stated that “Facebook sent this to me.” which included the Facebook notification and Cubbins’ comment and left it at that.

Cubbins replies that “The race baiting not helpful to anyone.”

I reply back saying that his comment made no mention of race baiting. In the meantime smelling a Massa Eddie influence here based on the discussions above. So, I made the statement that this was all about me not recommending Massa Eddie. Then Cubbins comes back saying he didn’t even know Eddie Holbrook. Which I suspected was a lie that he was told to say. All this being on private emails and I decided to waste no more time communicating with Bartholomew Cubbins.

Then, today, Facebook sends me more notifications that Bartholomew Cubbins is making comments about me. Saying that I didn’t tell the truth, called people names, etc.

So, I make Facebook replies for Cubbins to provide one instance of any false statements I might have made. Never mentioning another word about Massa Eddie. As Cubbins was showing a pattern of just spouting off, I figured he would slip up soon. Which he did. Cubbins says Eddie Holbrook is ten times the man that I was. A pretty strong statement for Cubbins to make after he had just previously stated that he didn’t know Eddie Holbrook.

So, I had all the proof I needed to know that Massa Eddie or another of Holbrook’s sycophants had pulled Cubbins’ strings to do all the name calling and false accusations about me on Facebook. Certainly for the purpose of causing more racial divisiveness in the Democrat Primary Election in hopes of splitting off some black votes for Massa Eddie to get through the primary where Holbrook’s big money might not have so much influence.

Then I stepped outside for a bit and when I came back to my computer, Cubbins had deleted much of his onerous Facebook comments and all of my replies demanding one single instance of mis-statements in my articles. My read on that was Massa Eddie or a sycophant had gotten wind of Cubbins reckless and careless implication that Massa Eddie was somehow involved with this dirty political trick on the voters of Cleveland County and told Cubbins to delete it from Facebook.

The reason for putting this information out for all to see is that voters are being swamped by information regarding the political candidates. Most of my readers know that I very often say “Do not believe me, check it out for yourself” and then provide the documented proof for all to see. In regards to the Candidates Forum report that I have previously reported and the CCS School Board Meeting Monday Evening, there are other witnesses, a CCS webcast and other records that back up my reports and my commentary and analysis includes reasoned conclusions that are so stated in my articles.

Beware of those calling my articles false and full of lies. I send every article I write to the people noted in the article in an advance copy of the article and request questions or comments. If Massa Eddie or anybody else wants to challenge my accuracy, they have every opportunity to do so. Yet, someone like Bartholomew Cubbins comes along and wants to dissuade you of the truth about Massa Eddie Holbrook.

In this regard, I urge everyone that reads my articles, the Shelby Star or anything else to always keep an open mind and use your own critical thinking skills. And especially to vote on Election Day. The Early Voting for the Democrat and Republican Primary Elections are going on as we speak. The Primary Election Day is May 8, 2018. Do your duty to get yourself informed and vote. Otherwise the same old crowd goes back in and all you taxpayers get screwed. Again!!!

Editor’s Note: “Bartholomew Cubbins” is a fictional young boy character in a Dr. Seuss book titled “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” who goes on an adventure. I used this fictional name as the character in this article apparently thinks being a Massa Eddie flunky is a political adventure. There are many who will know exactly who Bartholomew Cubbins really is.

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