Dirty School Board Politics — Alive, Well and Early in Boiling Springs!!! —Report by Robert A. Williams

I received an anonymous letter August 7, 2017 through the US Mail stating that School Board Member Danny Blanton had violated the law (a Boiling Springs City Ordinance) by putting up his political signs more than 60 days before an Election. This was a false allegation on it’s face as a Primary Election Day for the School Board is September 12, 2017 which is less than 60 days away.

But I did more checking anyway. The Boiling Sprigs Ordinance does not apply .to putting up signs on private property. Danny Blanton has taken great care to only put his signs on private property. Often the property owner obtained the sign from Danny Blanton and put the signs up themselves. Just like Trump supporters did in the 2016 Elections which President Donald J. Trump carried Cleveland County by a wide margin over Hillary Clinton. Such acts as putting up political signs on private property are protected by the United States Constitution, First Amendment, and trump any Boiling Springs City Ordinance.

Checking out Boiling Springs for illegal yard signs showed political signs by school board Chairman Phillip “Bully” Glover were also distributed within the City Limits of Boiling Springs and Bully’s Democrat Primary Election is September 12, 2017, well within the 60 days noted in the Ordinance. But, Bully allegedly uses his golf cart on the road to deliver his signs. A violation of the law in itself. But Bully never gets caught or reported to the authorities. Nothing is fair about that.

So this silly anonymous letter, totally similar to other previous letters that I tracked down as coming from within the CCS Central Offices by the Nutritionist who I reported previously as one of the top offenders in the apparent misuse of school credit cards. Note that the Nutritionist charging a massage from the Spa at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville on a school credit card certainly appears to be a misuse of a school credit card to me. That is what I thought several years ago and that is what I think now, but Bruce Boyles and the School Board, minus Danny Blanton, thought it was OK and the matter was dropped (covered-up),. That is by itself a good reason to vote for Danny Blanton for the school board.

Now, as of today, August 8, 2017, Danny Blanton’s political signs have been reported to have been pulled up from private property and carried away from around the Boiling Springs area. This is certainly trespassing, theft or larceny, and destruction of private property. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Nutritionist or Bully got caught red handed stealing Danny Blanton’s political signs and be prosecuted??? What a belly laugh that would be.

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