Digging Up Bones—Child Murdered by DSS!!! Cover-up by Jane Shooter and Gal Pals!!! Reports of child abuse not investigated because of alcoholic social worker’s neglect being covered -up!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Little Jodice Peeler never had a chance in her short 2-1/2-year life. Jodice, the sixth child of Norma Peeler was born while her mother was in prison. Raped by her mother’s Boyfriend when she was 18 months (leaving vaginal scars that were noted in the autopsy report), seriously injured several times before she was brutally murdered at 2-1/2. All under the noses of DSS and all covered up. Even the charged murderer, Bruce Whisnant, was found NOT-GUILTY in Court because DSS Cover-up extended to the DA’s Office. I attended the trial and saw everything that happened. My very first article for the Citizens For Good Government (Print Edition) had this story on the front page. I am in the process of making that article and others available to the citizens of Cleveland County. And especially to the Commissioners and the new DSS Advisory Board prior to their making Jane Shooter the full time DSS Director. Note that the old DSS Board, prior to them being abolished foolishly made LGBTQ Jane Shooter the Interim DSS Director.

Jodice Peeler was murdered in 1994 and is buried in a little Cemetery on Holly Oak Park Road. Her tombstone is easy to find. All the story of the DSS cover-up, the trial and even my call to exhume the body is included in those articles that will soon be available. There is one point that I want to clarify.

After the murder trial, etc. I had the occasion to discuss this case with the County Commissioner Chairman at that time, Cecil Dickson, now deceased. Up until this very minute I have never divulged that Cecil Dickson was the source of this particular piece of information.

According to Cecil Dickson, a grand jury member-of those who charged Bruce Whisnant with the murder of Jodice Peeler, had told Dickson that the Grand Jury had heard evidence, above the indications of rape and the actual cause of death, that little Jodice had multiple broken bones-some healed and some unset, consistent with child abuse and that reports had been made to DSS

In my original article I noted that LGBTQ Supervisor Jane Shooter and two of her LGBTQ lover subordinates Pat Jenkins and Pam Prichard, once Jodice was murdered and alcoholic Pat Jenkins had not investigated reports of child abuse of Jodice, all “burned the midnight oil” to falsely document and backdate DSS investigations that had in fact never been investigated. The backdated documents were done in a hurry since the State DSS investigator was on-the-way to Shelby to audit the DSS handling of the Jodice Peeler Case. The State official did find sufficient CCDSS shortcomings that were written up as deficient, but with the backdated documents nothing more could be found at that time. Also note that State DSS workers also have their deficiencies and their very own reason to cover-up. Especially the death of a little black girl, since there are so many of them.

Once John Wasson became the DSS Director, Wasson discharged Pat Jenkins from DSS. Only to have Jane Shooter and gal pals have new DSS Director Karen Ellis rehire Pat Jenkins. To my knowledge Pat Jenkins and Pam Prichard are still on the payroll at DSS, although I hear Pam Prichard, Jane Shooter’s “main squeeze” is said to be retiring in April with full pension. 25 years after they all should have been sent to prison.

So, now that the time has elapsed for application for the DSS Director position be filed, a decision on who to promote to the new DSS Director is likely to be forthcoming. The Old DSS Board has already shown their foolishness for appointing Jane Shooter as the interim director. A clear indication that those five will be recommending Jane Shooter for the DSS Director. My studied recommendation is that Rev. Dante Murphy has the credential, training, experience and especially HONESTY and INTEGRITY to be and should be appointed to that DSS Director position. Hopefully the Commissioners and the new DSS Advisory Board member, Danny Blanton will have the good sense and courage to buck an absolutely corrupt DSS and make the logical appointment happen.

In the meantime, I am strongly recommending the Commissioners ORDER that the body of Jodice Peeler be exhumed and checked for the broken bones, etc. that back-up Cecil Dickson’s revelation. Perhaps the statute of limitations for the crimes described in this article have not run out and justice will finally prevail in Cleveland County.

Stay Tuned folks!!! The Commissioners have their first “real” taste of leadership responsibility.

Also, the “sources” for this article as well as the sources for the original article 25 years ago has a sterling reputation and may be available if the Commissioners are serious about doing right in this matter. Citizens should know that the Commissioners rightly doing the proper and justm thing in this matter would be good news for Cleveland County. I can assure you that the Commissioners foolishly appointing Jane Shooter as the DSS Director with all these facts before them will be BIG and BAD news that will likely go around the world.

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