Devil Worshippers Challenge County Commissioners With Lawsuit!!! Say Sheriff’s Department Infiltrated with Christians and Christian Symbols on Patrol Cars!!! In Violation of “Establish Clause” Demand Commissioners Investigate, Report and take Corrective Action!!! Eye Witness Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: The World and the United States has many Religious beliefs. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hindu and Buddhism are among the most well known. Then you have Wicca, Paganism and Satanism. All with roots that intertwine with “Magic” and worship that associates itself, either directly or indirectly, with Lucifer. I call them Devil Worshipers as that is what I believe they are, although the local North Carolina Piedmont Church of Wicca, Shelby Branch, claims (falsely) to be a “Christian” denomination. The Bible teaches that Satan is a deluder and deceiver, so Wiccans calling themselves Christian fits in with what the Bible teaches us to beware of. And, as the Cleveland County School Board has shown to be true, “Evil prevails when good people do nothing.” The majority of Cleveland County voters claim to be Christian, but surrender to Satan without firing a shot every election day by just not informing themselves on the candidates and not showing up to vote and not running for office themselves. Same with the Invocations at School Board meetings. Christian Ministers have surrendered our schools and children to the Devil by not signing up to Pray. Going back to the phrase about “Good” people doing nothing, I have to wonder if those good people are really “good” to start with. As for me, I attend Commissioner’s Meetings, CCC Board of Trustee Meetings, School Board meetings and like to hear it when those that Pray end their Prayer with “In Jesus Name I pray.” Yet I know that the US Supreme Court, on numerous occasions, has ruled that such Prayers are UnConstitutional. I blame the elected officials who nominated those Supreme Court Justices for that. Along with those that elected them and those that stayed home on Election Day.

Now, Let’s report on the latest attack on Christians in Cleveland County by Devil Worshipers at the June 19, 2018 Commissioners meeting.

The Citizen’s Recognition portion of the Commissioner’s meeting agenda had two persons who signed up. Duston Barto, a Muslim, and Tony Brown, a Wiccan High Priest, who together have formed what they call the Foothills Interfaith Assembly. I had already spotted those two in the audience before the meeting and expected some fireworks. So I was prepared to take good notes.

Barto was the first to speak. Barto informed the Commissioners, who were all there, that there were two problems. A Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department Patrol Car had been spotted, Car P-132, that had Christian symbols incorporated in the paint job and logos. And there were Christian operations officially embedded within the Sheriff’s Department (Cleveland County Christian Law Enforcement Association). These, according to Barto, were in violation of the US Constitution-Establishment Clause (of the First Amendment) and had to be corrected. Barto’s three minutes allowed by the Commissioners ran out and he was asked to stop speaking.

Then, Wiccan High Priest Tony Brown took over. Brown stated that he believed the CCCLEA had never intended to be inclusive. That he had reached out to the CC Sheriff’s Office twice and never received a response. Brown “requested” the Commissioners, as allowed by state law, to require an investigative report from the Sheriff’s Department about the accusations that had been made. Suggesting that such action and resolution would cost much less than a (Federal) lawsuit.

Commissioner Chairman Eddie Holbrook thanked Barto and Brown for their contribution to the meeting without making any commitment to do anything.

My thoughts, based on previous observations and some limited discussions with Tony Brown at the 2015 School Board meeting prayer effort, on what had just transpired was that Barto and Brown had set up Eddie Holbrook and the other Commissioners perfectly for a Federal Lawsuit. They had clearly, succinctly and respectfully informed the Commissioners of problems under their jurisdiction and requested action. If the Commissioners do what they usually do, NOTHING, they will find themselves in a Federal Lawsuit that they cannot win. And the fact that they were warned and did nothing would show malice aforethought. Which means more taxpayer money paid out to the Devil Worshippers in a settlement or a Jury Award in the case.

In addition I thought, if Barto and Brown come to realize that the Opening Prayer at the Commissioner’s Meetings, delivered by a Commissioner or County Manager, also often includes the closing, “In Jesus Name we Pray.” Therefore, the case could easily be made that this clearly indicates the Commissioners are advocating the Christian Religion above all others-a de facto establishment of an “official” Cleveland County Religion, which Courts as well as the Constitution itself already prohibits.

As most people who read my articles already know, I always advocate elected officials to strictly uphold the law in conducting their official business. And yet the Commissioners, the School Board, DSS and Cleveland Community College continues their long tradition of doing just what they damn well please. Voters who stay home on Election Day allow this to happen. So, in a way, they would get what they deserve in losing such a lawsuit. where their local government agents continuously show contempt for the law.

Perhaps losing another Federal Lawsuit would do Cleveland County slack-assed voters some good. Perhaps not. But we got here, where evil prevails, by doing nothing. We will learn or we will not learn a thing. We will inform ourselves and get out to vote. Or we won’t. History says we won’t. And we will pay the consequences. Either in paying off lawsuits or our souls burning in Hell.

Stay tuned. I suspect this will get interesting as time goes on. I also suspect this issue will not go away. No matter how much the Commissioners wish it would.

As for you folks who call yourselves Christians. If you are willing to just stay home and do nothing, you might be disappointed come Judgment Day.

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  1. June 23, 2018 at 10:49 am

    Unfortunate that a few Christian Cleveland County citizens fought vigorously for prayer at the beginning of CCS board meetings and, according to a most recent CFGG report, since then became extinct from taking advantage of this great opportunity. Also unfortunate is that this will likely result in a lawsuit because the county commissioners will not investigate and respond appropriately. I am personally still awaiting some answer as to 1) why the Director of DSS was never reprimanded for infringing on my constitutional rights (this was according to testimony given under oath), 2) why, after the discovery of other improprieties at DSS no comment from the county commissioners to the public as to how these improprieties were dealt with, 3) why Cleveland County entered into an unlawful settlement agreement and the county attorney is stating he knew nothing about it and had no involvement, and lastly, 4) what is the underlining motivation for a group of seemingly honorable elected officials to cover up and protect proven corruption?

    The ballot box and the jury box are sure ways at getting to the truth and revealing the hearts of man. One truth that will eventually become evident is why are people leaving Cleveland County when all the supposedly “great things” are happening. Voters should question whether Cleveland County will become a “great place to visit” as opposed to a great place to raise families. Why has it taken so long for a former professional athlete to build a sports complex? Why was a citizens effort to fund college tuition for all Cleveland County students never endorsed or supported by county commissioners when other municipalities across the state and country are implementing this idea? My encouragement to the county commissioners is to do the honorable thing and respond to the request for an investigation and stand on your convictions. Dr. King stated, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

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