Deputy on Pain Pills!!?? Alleged to have Messed up Chain of Evidence in Stabbing Incident!!–No Discipline Until AFTER the Election!! Report by Robert A. Williams

A recent report by a citizen regarding the arrest of a Crest High School Math teacher for having an illegal lesbian sexual relationship with a student had a second part to the report. The first report regarding the lesbian relationship has been published in my article dated October 6, 2018. This article relates to that second part.

The report, second part, was simple. A Cleveland County Deputy, name was provided-but withheld for now, was involved with a stabbing incident, took the knife and sheath and put it into the trunk of his vehicle and drove around with it for awhile. All in disregard for the proper protocols for identifying evidence and keeping a proper chain of control over that evidence.

When confronted with his lapse, the Deputy allegedly responded that he had taken some prescription pain pills that had clouded his judgement. A bit more research indicated that the Deputy had no personal prescription for any pain pills that he had claimed he had taken.

The report finished up with a statement that alleged the deputy would not be facing and disciplinary action until AFTER the election.

That was the report.

Sheriff Alan Norman, please respond to this allegation before the election. Is this a valid allegation? Did a violent and dangerous perpetrator escape justice because of the “tainted” chain of evidence as described? What disciplinary actions are taken in cases like this? If no disciplinary action has been taken, Why not? This is the kind of things the citizens of Cleveland County want to know about.

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