Democrat School Board SURRENDERS in Transgender Lawsuit!!! Same Day as Republican School Board Candidates Forum!!! Report, evaluation, arguendo and Recommendations by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: I have recently “scooped” the Shelby Star on a number of news stories. However, after attending the February 10, 2020 School Board meeting and the Transgender lawsuit “hearing” the very next day, I decided to hold off and let the Shelby Star do their article first. Just to see what they had to say. I do that on purpose sometimes. It is kind of a “cat and mouse” game with the Star. Trying to keep them honest with the truth, and pull them away from their “all-the-time” propaganda effort to make the School Board, Commissioners and others look good-when they are not.

This time, the Star’s coverage in the CCS Transgender lawsuit was amazingly correct. Their article titled “Agreement rules on favor of Transgender teen” was much more factual than their normal fare. Maybe they have “felt the heat” and have decided to “see the light.” Time will tell about that.

There are several facets about the way the school board, as presently constituted, operates that are at play in this article about the transgender bathroom lawsuit that shaped the final outcome-which was surrender and then claiming a win.

One big thing is how the School Board manipulates records. Everything from the credit card scandal cover-up to the teachers caught up in sex scandals being allowed to resign before they are charged for sex crimes so CCS can call them “former” teachers. As well as phony entries in the CCS Personnel Reports that the School Board votes to approve without actually seeing the reports. At the Feb. 10th School Board meeting, Board Member Danny Blanton noted that the Minutes of the previous meeting “were NOT correct” and actually made the motion for the minutes to fair and accurately record what actually happened in that meeting. No other Board Member would second the motion to require meeting minutes be “Correct” and the “NOT CORRECT” minutes were approved as is.

Now, lets fast forward to the Transgender Bathroom Lawsuit so-called “Hearing” the very next morning. I say “so-called” hearing because there was nothing to hear. The liberal Judge from Charlotte, Lisa Bell, came into the Courtroom at 9:43 AM. Five minutes later at 9:48 AM Judge Bell was signing an order that gave the Transgender “girl,” John Doe, everything that she, now “self-identified”, as a “he” wanted and asked for in the lawsuit. To use the Boys” restrooms at Kings Mountain High School. The School Board got nothing.

As I said about this so called “Hearing”, there was nothing to hear. Not one word was spoken about the case except to say that the School Board had agreed to everything that was in the proposed Court Order and all the Judge had to do was sign the Order. Which Judge Bell did. Not one word of testimony from anybody about anything. The School Board had surrendered completely to “John Doe” and the Gay Rights crowd.

This is where the Star correctly identified what was the basis of the agreement:
1. John Doe had “reassigned” herself by going through a sex change operation to be a “male.”.
2. Jane Doe had “petitioned” to have her Birth Certificate changed from “female” to “male.”
3. For the ability to use the boy’s restroom, Jane-now John Doe and his family dropped all other claims in the Bathroom lawsuit.
4. The Order would NOT set any “precedents” for the Kings Mountain High School or Cleveland County Schools.

But, then in the Shelby Star article printed statements from CCS Superintendent Stephen Fisher and CCS Board Chairman stating that, basically, CCS had done the right thing. Claiming victory, so to speak.

But victory based on what? Notice item 2 above. “Changing” a Birth Certificate from female to male. Aren’t Birth Certificates supposed to be ”unchangeable” PERSONAL documents???? Aren’t changing Birth Certificates “manipulation” of vital statistic documents. If you can manipulate Birth Certificates, then can’t you manipulate any and all records.

For instance: When I googled “Are Birth Certificates considered legal documents?”
Google said:
_An uncertified copy of a certificate issued by North Carolina Vital Records will be on plain (white) paper and will be clearly stamped “Uncertified”. It will not have a raised Vital Records seal. Uncertified copies are for informational purposes only and are not accepted for legal purposes. Sep 19, 2019.

Will John Doe’s “changed” Birth Certificate be 9uncertified? For information only??

If such records can be so easy to manipulate, could the RACE of the baby be changed just as easily? Could I change MY Birth Certificate and other documents to indicate that I am a Black Baptist Minister? And then apply to Cleveland County Schools to purchase property at half price, or less? And then “flip” the property for large personal profits???

Or can I just manipulate the Bible to say that the Ten Commandments don’t apply to Robert A. Williams. Or that Jesus will return to this Earth under the name Robert A. Williams???

I say such document manipulation as noted above is wrong. And, you can’t turn “wrong” into “right” by some sleazy razzle-dazzle document manipulation that Cleveland County Schools accepts as a victory. When, in fact, it is an obvious defeat.

Talking about “defeats,” just hours after the John Doe “agreement” was signed, the nine Republican School Board candidates were holding a Political Forum at Cleveland Community College. The candidates were, among other questions, were asked their positions on the John Doe Bathroom Lawsuit. Without knowing that the present School Board had just surrendered the lawsuit, every candidate, all nine, lead off by candidate Matthew Canipe, said in one way or another stated they WOULD NOT support accommodation of transgenders outside of what North Carolina law calls for. Which is every person shall use the bathroom associated with their sex as defined by their birth certificate. That is a position the vast majority8 of Cleveland County voters, myself included, support. It should also be noted that Democrat School Board candidate Roger Harris appeared to be “shaken” by the performance of these Republican Candidates. Shaken to the point of conspicuously leaving the forum the very instant it was over. Apparently worried about how he would answer those questions later on. If history is a guide, Roger Harris is staying up late figuring out how to best lie-out of his previous positions on issues. And urging his Democrat partners in crime, especially Shearra Miller and Richard Hooker into doing the same.

Now, Let’s talk some more about the nine Republican Candidates for the School Board. And the five seats that are open for election in the 2020 Election Year.

First, I would say that the Cleveland Community College Forum for these nine Republican Candidates was much different than other past forums. The questions, besides the question about the Transgender Bathroom lawsuit include:
1. What is the role of school board members during the day by day operations of CCS?
2. Opinions about the CCS phony $3 million lawsuit against Sheriff Alan Norman?
3. About CCS allowing employees to RESIGN in lieu of being fired prior to being prosecuted?
4. Would you support a tax increase to pay for auditoriums at Burns and Crest?
5. The Transgender Bathroom lawsuit? Previously noted.
6. Using the “technical” calendar loophole?
7. Would you want a CCS attorney to attend all School Board meetings?
8. To allow time at end of school board meetings for every school Board member to talk about issues?
9. In regard to moving Public Participation to the end of the meeting?

Then, the closing statements from each candidate

The nine good, but hard questions answered by 9 Republican School Board candidates can be viewed on Cleveland Community College’s C-19 broadcast. I recommend each of you view this especially good candidates forum. And, form your own opinion on the candidates.

As for me, I rated MY top five candidates as shown on this marked up replica of a 2020 Republican Party sample ballot. Note that I used other criteria besides the CCC Candidate’s forum.

For instance, I did not recommend candidate Joel Shores because of his importance at the Sheriff’s Office should Sheriff Alan Norman decide to retire before 2022 and Shores be appointed Sherriff. I did not recommend Dawn Bowland due to her seemingly acceptance of a slower process of change at CCS. Same with Lenny Wright and Greg Taylor. Good Candidates all.

2020 Republican Primary Elections for School Board
Sample Ballot
Mark as Shown

You May Vote for Five

Note: You can print off this page and take it to the Voting booth with you.
Nobody has the authority to take this voting guide away from you. Inside the polling place or outside.
You also have my permission to copy this page and pass the copies around as voting guides for your friends, neighbors and relatives.

Thank you for voting.

2 comments for “Democrat School Board SURRENDERS in Transgender Lawsuit!!! Same Day as Republican School Board Candidates Forum!!! Report, evaluation, arguendo and Recommendations by Robert A. Williams

  1. Anonymous
    February 13, 2020 at 9:32 pm

    I agree with all your picks except I switch Shores for Barrett.

    Robert, what is the protocol, for instance, if Shores won and got on the school board, then say halfway through his term, Norman did resign and Shores got named sheriff and had to step down from the board as a result? Would his replacement be chosen by the county Republican party, or by special election?

    Very good candidate forum, I watched it live. I’ll have to catch the commissioner one on replay. G-Webb/Winthrop game took precedent. 🙂

  2. Robert A Williams
    February 18, 2020 at 6:36 pm

    I stick with Junie Barrett over Joel Shores. It is certain that Junie will be 150% for the schools and the children. Shores has too many other irons in the fire. What you speculate about may very well come to pass, and then what do we have? An unknown. And that speculation has been going around for a long time. And if Shores has those thoughts, he might be reluctant to make changes as changes tend to polarize. And political people don’t like to take sides that will make major changes. If sides are taken, the other side would be against you whenver you wanted to run or office or take over as Sheriff.

    Whatever the selection process is for replacing a school board member, it would certainly NOT be by the people anytime soon.

    I stick with Junie Barrett, Robert Queen, Matthew Canipe, Ron Humphries and Rodney Fitch for the school board. That is the five that I believe can be counted on to serve their terms and make the changes necessary and long overdue at CCS. All new, no political baggage, all dedicated and all committed to do whatever is right, by the proper means and as soon as possible. No other combination of candidates fits that bill.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Robert A. Williams

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