Democrat School Board Primary Election–Correction!!!– Candidate Coleman Hunt up to his Zipper in Scandals Too. –Report By Robert A. Williams

In my previous article listing the Democrat School Board Candidates and recommendation to only vote for Dena Green and Barbara Romich, I made a comment that Coleman Hunt was not involved in any such scandals as noted for Bully Glover, Tommy Greene and Guy Suttle. That statement was incorrect.

I learned from a very, very reliable source that Coleman Hunt was indeed involved with multiple episodes of scandalous behavior stemming from his lack of control of his zipper with various CCS teachers who worked for him. Scroll on back a bit for my original article. At that time the only actual scandal involving Coleman Hunt that I was aware of was his hiring of School Board member Jo Boggs’ daughter over more qualified candidates as well as Jo Boggs reportedly recruiting Mr. Hunt and Tommy Greene for this Primary Election.

Folks, early voting will resume this coming Tuesday and run through Friday. The Primary Election Day is the next Tuesday September 13, 2017. If you want some sort of morality in your Democrat candidates, my recommendation still holds. Double shot vote for Dena Green and Barbara Romich. A Sample Democrat Primary marked up ballot is shown below.

The winners of the Democrat School Board Primary Election will face Danny Blanton, Robert Queen, Rodney Fitch, Kevin Whisnant and Petition Candidate Kathy Falls in the General Election held November 7, 2017.

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