Democrat Commissioner “Massa Eddie” Holbrook’s Sycophants Divide County!!! A Triple Edged Race Card is a Planned Scheme to Re-elect Massa Eddie!! Report, analysis and commentary by Robert A. Williams

I smell a rat!!! A triple edge race card, almost certainly orchestrated by paid professional political consultants is in play to divide Democrat voters; whites from the blacks and simultaneously divide the blacks against the blacks is brewing strong in this year’s Democrat Primary Election for County Commissioners. All intended to re-elect Massa Eddie Holbrook. The tactics are not new to Cleveland County. They were used in the 2017 School Board Election to Re-elect Phillip “Bully” Glover and the two black candidates. Including a sexual predator.

This is how the numbers work:

Cleveland County Democrats are 60% white and 40% black.

There are two vacancies and three candidates.

Holbrook is the white privileged white incumbent candidate with plenty of campaign money.

The other two candidates are young black men challengers who have much less campaign cash.

Holbrook needs white voter turnout single shot voting for him to win.

In the 2017 School Board Election an “incident” was created at the Cleveland County Fair where an agriculture related display from the Burns High School FFA that was related to picking cotton was deemed “racial” by the School Board and banned from the Fair. Although no black citizen had complained, black citizens were blamed for having the “Cotton” booth banned and removed. Unaffiliated and Republicans white voter were incensed but didn’t turn out to vote. Black citizens did in greater numbers. There were four seats and two black candidates and the black voters were asked by the Democrat leadership advised by their paid political consultants to cast one of their left over votes to Bully Glover. White Democrat voters were asked to single shot vote for Bully Glover. Bully ended up as the top vote getter. And what did we get? More failed education coming out of CCS.

Now, fast forward to the 2018 Democrat Primary for County Commissioner.

All of a sudden it is election time-early voting, and “Racial” incidents are popping up out of nowhere. The “Flag” protest at Burns High School. The “Oh Susanna” song at Washington Elementary School. And Massa Eddie Holbrook calling on his white and black Democrat “friends” (sycophants and Uncle Toms) to single shot vote for him.

All the while Massa Eddie is spreading all the false diatribe that he has brought 8,000 jobs to Cleveland County when those numbers don’t add up when you consider over 20,000 people in Cleveland County are on Foodstamps because they are either unemployed or under-employed.

Massa’s two opponents realize the disparity in Massa’s propaganda and offer measures to improve the broken education system that has allowed so many citizens to have to depend on Foodstamps to survive.

So folks, either stay stuck on stupid or turn out to vote. Voting for the two black candidates will remove Massa Eddie from his grip on the County Commissioners and allow Honesty, Openness and Transparency to prevail. Voting for the two H.O.T. candidates will also put a stop to the paid political consultants coming in and starting so much “racial” trouble that would not exist otherwise.

Early Voting is going on right now. Primary Election day is May 8th. Go vote.

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I’ve become convinced over the years by a good friend not to believe in coincidences but patterns. It should be considered a pattern that these racist acts pop up out of nowhere during heated elections. This is old school politics to polarize a particular class of people. “‘Lynching’ Ad Roils Detroit Race” shows how racist adds were used by now imprisoned Kwame Kilpatrick to win his reelection for mayor of Detroit in 2005. Although Kilpatrick denied any involvement in the ads, it was later proven that sources close to Kilpatrick leaked the advertisements to intentionally incite high emotions among blacks.… Read more »