Deep Deception on School Board Agenda-September 10, 2018 Report by Robert A. Williams

A Continuous Improvement Programs are well understood by all the civilized and industrial world as a continual program of improvements meant to actually make products and management processes better and better. The concept is to find and identify problems, small and large, and fix them. All Quality Assurance and Quality Control concepts and processes are based on this principle.

The North Carolina Board of Education and especially the Cleveland County Schools have copied the name, a positive connotation, and used it to hide a plan to better waste taxpayer dollars. $5 Million in school year 2018-2019 for Cleveland County alone.

The North Carolina Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Program will be rolled out tonight at the School Board Meeting. The program, far from improving any child’s education is based on spending Title I Federal Money to provide free meals for poor children at 14 or more schools mostly administered by the child nutrition staff coupled up with the Cleveland County Department of Social Services. A wasteful spending match made in heaven for county agencies already well known for their waste and ineffectiveness.

And, according to the Brookings Report, the effectiveness of this NCCCIP is wasteful to a fault, (at CCS) sucks in new teachers and charges the program $70,000 per year per teacher and is totally ineffective in providing the poor children with a better education or learning experience or educational achievement-however you want to say it. Also, according to the Brookings Report, many examples of mis-spending the money includes so-called teacher development seminars which often amount to trips to resorts where the attendees get massages on the taxpayer’s dime. Very much like the trip School Board Member Roger “Low-Down” Harris defended so vigorously.

But don’t believe me. The Brookings Report is provided below. It’s long but the Executive Report and Introduction summarizes the report sufficiently.

It is too bad that this kind of a deceptive, wasteful and ineffective program is assigned to CCS employees who have to do it or be run off from CCS.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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