Day 1: Countdown to a Capital Murder Trial!!! Update: Cop-Killer Murder Trial Rescheduled!!!?? Alleged Murder of Shelby Police Department Officer Tim Brackeen!!! By Irving Fenner, Jr.!!! Special gossip report and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: I am calling this a “Special Gossip Report” to protect sources from retaliation. I believe every word of the report is true.

Shelby Police Department Officer Tim Brackeen and Irving Lucien Fenner, Jr. became engaged in an exchange of gunfire late September 9, 2016 or early September 10, 2016.Officer Brackeen, although wearing a bulletproof vest received a wound to the chest and died several days later. Irving Fenner, allegedly shot in the back, was able to escape the scene and was transported to Rhode Island where he was apprehended by the Rhode Island State Police and extradited back to North Carolina. Along with several family members who aided Fenner’s escape and offered him shelter.

From the beginning of this matter, the official narrative put out by the now defunct Shelby Star and all other media was that Officer Brackeen, in the line of duty, was serving a warrant on Fenner and the encounter turned deadly. There were always conversations regarding why Brackeen, a K-9 Office, did not release his dog-Cyko as it was in the middle of the night and, according to the narrative, Fenner was considered armed and dangerous.

It took almost three years for a second narrative to reach my ears. A narrative that was circulating through the law enforcement and black communities from Day One. This second narrative indicated that both Brackeen and Fenner were involved in a “love triangle” with the same woman and hated each other for it. That Brackeen had used an outstanding warrant against Fenner as a way to hassle Fenner in some manner and the incident turned deadly. Allegations that Fenner, shot in the back, returned fire on Brackeen in an act of self-defense was buried in the news reports from the very start.

As my previous articles have stated, it was almost three years before I learned of this second narrative and reported it. Sources had stated the murder trial for Fenner was to happen this month, September, 2019, and that the DA’s Office was keeping five people in jail trying to use the long jail times already spent, with the likelihood of much more jail time, as an inducement to accept plea bargains for lighter sentences as well as testimony that supported the first narrative.

At that time, just weeks ago, Irving Fenner was kept in the Lincoln County Jail and three women and one man were in the Cleveland County Jail. With the DA working on the three women with intimidation tactics to get one to turn on the others.

Now, the update:

A very-very recent call from sources stated that the First-Degree Murder Trial of Irving Lucien Fenner, Jr. has been rescheduled to sometime in February of 2020. And, that now all three women had been offered, and accepted, plea-bargain deals by the DA’s Office for their testimony against Irving Fenner at his murder trial.

Also, additional reports from the streets of Shelby indicated the Shelby Police Department knew about the “love triangle” between Fenner, Brackeen and their lover from near the very start. That SPD had called a meeting with Black Ministers in Shelby shortly after the shooting with unconvincing evidence that the first narrative was correct and not the second narrative. Even Body-Cam footage was shown to the Black Ministers that showed nothing as it was midnight away from streetlights. Only voices were heard that could not conclusively prove anything. All this was in 2016 when Plantation Politics was still in full sway. The Black Ministers had nothing but doubts so they mostly stayed officially quiet. But the street-talk in Shelby did not.

The Arguendo. The what-ifs!

So, if the DA has three plea deals in place with the women in the Fenner murder trial, why mot try the case this month. September-2019? Could it be that the Shelby Elections are contested for the Mayor’s office and certain City council Office with two black opposition candidates? Tanzy Wallace for the Mayor’s office and Andrew Hopper for a City Councilman office. Could a botched murder trial against five black folks adversely affect the Shelby Elections? In the view of the In-Crowd anyway.

But, are there other factors involved here that a Black Mayor and another black councilmember might influence? Like the “Racial Cleansing” that is about to begin in the City of Shelby-and the suspicious Rail Trail and Holly Oak Park takeover conspiracy? Or all the other smelly rats involving Restart Schools, CCS, CCC, the phony sales tax increase, the Phoenix like rise of Plantation Politics? All mixtures of corrupt influences. And now rescheduling a First-Degree Murder Trial that has been simmering for three whole years already.

Anyway, this is Day 1 in a Countdown to a Murder Trial. We have a Murder Trial arising out of the killing of Shelby Police Department Office Tim Brackeen. All of Shelby and Cleveland County want justice to be served one way or another. No political tricks or money-making schemes. But Justice!!! Justice attained by truth and a fair trial. Anything else is not justice but a scam on the people.

Stay tuned folks, you will be provided the truth of the matter. Whether you like it or not.

Editor’s Note. If you get called for the jury in this Murder trial, remember that testimony from someone held in jail over three years to induce a plea deal is NOT reliable testimony. Who wouldn’t tell a lie to get out of jail when a plea deal was the only option? Truth is not likely to occur under those circumstances.

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  1. Jaxs Newton
    October 22, 2019 at 8:42 pm

    Fenner was shot in the arm. That is why he is wearing a sling in his arrest pic in RI

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